Gwen Stefani has launched a ridiculous fashion line for dogs

Your dog may seem to be fairly content to wander the streets naked, casually sniffing butts and pissing on fences but don’t you think that little Fido would be much happier if he was dressed in high-end fashion inspired by punk and emojis?

Thanks to Gwen Stefani there’s now a line of fashionable pet clothes and accessories featuring “high-style apparel [and] emoji-inspired toys” to make your dog look slightly more adorable and completely ridiculous. The Harajuku Lovers line available through features more than 30 “trend forward products” including a  Union Jack Trilby Dog Hat, Kawaii Donut Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, Emoji Party Dog Bandana, and Two-Tone Dog Socks.

Watch a bunch of dogs getting dressed up as tiny ska-punk fans below.