Grizzly Bear reveal new album details: “It is a bit more raw and upbeat than Veckatimest”

In an exclusive interview with FasterLouder Harvest Festival headliners Grizzly Bear have discussed details of their long-awaited fourth album.

Until now the band has revealed little about the follow-up to 2009’s list-topping Veckatimest , but in a candid conversation with FL last week songwriter Ed Droste confirmed: “The album is done and tied up. I think it’s our best piece of work yet, and we’ve definitely evolved.” Elaborating on how it will differ from their last record Droste explained, “I’d say its different in the way that Veckatimest was different from Yellow House: it’s sort of a progression. One of our biggest fears is repeating ourselves so we tend not to tread too familiar ground. Veckatimest was more polite and pastoral this is a bit more raw and exposed and a bit more upbeat too.”

While Droste remained tight-lipped about the album’s title (“it will be announced this coming week”) he did elaborate on how much of the new record, due for release on September 18th, we will be hearing at Harvest: “We’re definitely going to play new things, I think that is what we are most excited about – playing the new album live. And I think almost every song on the album we are going to try and tackle. We’re still in the process of figuring it out and that’s what the rest of the summer is going to be devoted towards: rehearsing. We’re going to tour with an extra musician as well, there are always a lot of layers and with our music there are sometimes things we have to cut, or things we have to reinterpret. I think this time around we will have more material that will translate to a festival, and we have a light show and new production.”

Grizzly Bear will join the likes of Beck, Ben Fold’s Five and Sigur Ros at Harvest Festival this November. Stay tuned to FL for the full interview with Ed Droste in which he discusses the song-writing process behind the new record, ‘that’ lottery advertisement and who he is excited to watch side-of-stage at Harvest.