Grizzly Bear confirmed for Harvest and sideshows

Grizzly Bear were all but confirmed for Harvest festival when they announced a pair of suspiciously Harvest compatible dates in New Zealand earlier this week.

It looked pretty darn inevitable that Grizzly Bear would be on the festival’s lineup when it’s released next week and now, just in case there was any doubt and thanks to the tour listings on the band’s record label Warp, we can confirm that they will definitely be playing on the festival tour in November.

The tour listing, which has since been removed but was helpfully screen-shotted by a poster on the Mess+Noise forums, also lists a pair of sideshows for the band. Oddly, those sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne are in far smaller venues than the ones they played on their most recent tour back in 2010 with Splendour in the Grass. No doubt the inevitable quick sell outs will encourage you to head along to the festival shows.

According to the leaked tour info there will be two Harvest events in Melbourne, but the festival’s boss AJ Maddah has since confirmed that this is incorrect and that the Melbourne show will be on Sunday 11th November.