Grinderman call it a day at Meredith Music Festival

Nick Cave has told fans at Meredith Music Festival that after five years and two albums Grinderman are calling it quits.

At the conclusion of the band’s festival defining set at Meredith on Saturday night, Cave told the seething mass of bodies in the Supernatural Amphitheatre: “That’s it for Grinderman. It’s over. See you in 10 years.”

For the hour proceeding Cave lurched around the stage, ferociously conducting his disciples; he spat, growled and threw his body over the barrier to the fevered delight of clambering festival goers. The main set was fittingly concluded with the band’s ode unto themselves, Grinderman, which had the whole amphitheatre whispering at full volume, “I’m the Grinderman. In the silver rain. In the pale moonlight. I am open late.”

The unexpected end to the gritty ‘side project’ for Cave and his fellow seeds Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos comes only a year since the band released their second album Grinderman 2 which was described by its FL reviewer as, “Deeper, darker, funnier and more disturbing than it’s predecessor.”

In an interview with FL last year drummer Jim Sclavunos discussed at length the origins of Grinderman and how he saw the band’s sound developing, “It’s a bit early to be saying Grinderman’s always going sound a certain way. I already think there’s a big difference between the first album and the second album personally so who knows where Grinderman’s going to go sonically from here.”

The full Meredith Music Festival review and photos will be published on FasterLouder this week.