Grimes announces Meredith sideshows

Update – 23 August:

To cope with the demand for tickets extra shows have been added in Sydney and Melbourne

Canadian visionary Grimes will make her debut Australian visit to play at Meredith’s Supernatural Amphitheatre in December, and now she has now added a quick run of East Coast gigs to her tour itinerary.

The Montreal-based artist will headline Melbourne’s Corner Hotel, Brisbane’s Zoo and Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory in support of her 2012 record Visions, which FL has acclaimed as one of the best albums of the year.

As FL’s review of the album noted, “Grimes is too good to be true: she’s the hottest young auteur from the hottest scene in North America, and with the release of her first full-length release (well, the first that was actually recorded and released with the world outside of Montreal in mind) Visions, success appears to be a foregone conclusion. 23 year-old Claire Boucher, the auteur in question, offers a surface-level novelty that disguises the fundamental orthodoxy of her music, a hooky, ear-candy-ish mix of beats, synths and right-up-there, sing-song vocals.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with orthodoxy, mind. It’s just that taking the most palatable aesthetic elements of Montreal’s DIY scene and tying it in a ribbon is opportunistic at best, and fraudulent at worst. Yes, she dabbles in a host of genres (including ‘witch house’ and k-pop), but it’s all basically pop. Yes, she’s schooled in gender theory and her look is a bit left of centre, but she’s still unproblematically feminine. Yes, she’s read the modernist poetry of Anna Akhmatova, but her lyrics aren’t too hard to follow.”

Grimes tour:

Wednesday 5 December – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Thursday 6 December – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Saturday 8 December – The Zoo, Brisbane

Monday 10 December – OAF, Sydney Sold Out

Tuesday 11 December – OAF, Sydney

Tickets are $51.00 and on sale now