Graham Coxon – Freakin’ Out

What a guitarist! What a song! Cast aside any doubts associated with how ‘good’ you think a song called Freakin’ Out could actually be. It is gold, my friends, make no mistake.

It’s a well-known fact that Graham Coxon’s guitar ability is none too shabby. However, on this, the first single of his fifth solo album Happiness in Magazines (and the first since his departure from Blur), he is positively the macdaddy of hefty guitar rhythms. Coxon’s cockney vocals complement the punk-tinged guitar riffs and pounding drums of Freakin’ Out. The lyrics revolve around someone ‘freaking out’ with boredom.

If this song is representative of the music Coxon is capable of creating when he has nothing to do, then he should stare at the walls more often. Even the line, “Nothing to prove, nothing to say, la la la la la la la lay” can be forgiven as it reflects the nonsensical banter one creates when going stir crazy (or something). The short bursts of guitar solo that appear throughout the song add extra energyand further illustrate the fact that Coxon has made quite the departure from the more mellow, folksy tracks from previous solo efforts.

Check out this song, I implore you.