Gotye: “I feel like the song is very overplayed and probably saturated to the point of absurdity”

Gotye may have sung on Saturday Night Live, had his song featured on Glee and been named the 10th most talked about act of 2012, but Wally DeBacker gave his Mum her proudest moment yet when he appeared on the 7:30 Report earlier this week.

In an interview with host Leigh Sales DeBacker talked candidly about coming to terms with worldwide recognition and the popularity of his game changing hit Somebody That I Used To Know: “One minute it is very exciting and the next I feel very self-conscious about it, especially now when I feel like the song is very overplayed and probably saturated to the point of absurdity. Where it feels like its out of my hands like I’m some kind of annoying presence, an audio presence in people’s lives that they would prefer not have there, especially if they listen to radio.”

DeBacker elaborates, “I’m not sure I completely understand it yet, it’s only happened in the last year. I’m amazed sometimes that it is only a year that things have sort of exploded so much, because it feels like many years. And I guess that is just a reflection of how busy I and the guys in my band and everyone I’m working have been.”

Preparing for his homecoming tour this December ‘our Wally’ also reveals how he plans to breath life into a song that has more cover version’s than Hallelujah: “Just recently I found myself in rehearsal and [singing] some of the lines and feeling like there was such an overwhelming sense of familiarity. And I’ve wondered whether I’ve needed to prepare myself more actively to be able to just connect with the song as I wrote it, in a kind of pure way without the baggage of having heard so many interpretations.”

Watch the full interview with Gotye on the ABC website.