Glastonbury will honour three fallen musical idols this year

This year’s Glastonbury festival will honour three musicians who have passed away in the last six months: David Bowie, Prince, and Lemmy. Statues representing the three will be placed around the grounds – a glittering hand holding a purple crown with a dove flying out of it for Prince, a peace sign made out of spanners surrounded by an ace of spades, ram’s horns, and an engine block for Lemmy, and a Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt and eye flanked by silver wings for Bowie, which will look out from the main stage.

There will also be a musical tribute to Bowie in the form of a 50-piece orchestra performing a symphony based on his album Heroes accompanied by a laser show, a ‘Starman’ flashmob, and in a somewhat more low-key show of respect a DJ set dedicated to Prince by Alex Taylor from Hot Chip.

The Glastonbury festival will take place next week, from Wednesday June 22 to Sunday June 26.