Gerling drummer exhibits art

Paul Towner, best known to us music folk as Presser the manic drummer from Sydney electro-indie favourties Gerling, is set to put his other talent on display later this month with an exhibition of artwork at the Mart Gallery in Surry Hills.

Dead Galaxy II (Life Dust) is Presser’s second exhibition and will feature his distinctive collage art, which in recent years has been used by the likes of Decoder Ring and Dappled Cities on their band merchandise.

The collection, which will be on display from February 25th , is a very personal one for Presser, as many of the works were created during a period in which he was battling with depression.

According to the man himself the pieces are, “all created from old mags and books from the 60’s – 80’s. I don’t use any paper after the late 80’s as everything went to gloss”. He also notes that although collage may traditionally be “looked down on” by the art world, it is “also quite beautiful to use forgotten images and make them live again – for people to remember little elements of their past and to hang it on the wall and hopefully walk away with a new translation of my imagination”.

Dead Galaxy II (Life Dust) is happening at Mart Gallery, 156 Commonwealth St Surry Hills, 25Th February -13Th March.