Future Music Festival 2012 @ Ellis Park, Adelaide (13/03/12)

The Future Music Festival delivered dusty, burnt, wasteland with little shade and obscure looking creatures clad in rags of clothing, stumbling around speaking in an odd, indiscernible language, just like the movies predict the future to be.

After sorting through a wave of DJs, all of which remixed the same Nero songs, Professor Green was a sight for sore eyes thanks to his use of an actual band with real instruments. The Professor playfully abused the crowd as he went through his hits, of which there are far more than people realise ( At Your Inconvenience,Just be Good To Green, and Read All About It to name a few) making for an enjoyable set list.

Next up, Gym Class Heroes, whose charismatic front man Travie McCoy, held the audience securely in the palm of his hand. Once again one of the more exciting acts of the day thanks to the use of actual instruments, the hip-hoppers, who earned their stripes in the Warped Tour scene, fit comfortably in with the Top 40 loving crowd thanks to tracks like their new single, Ass Back Home, and McCoy’s solo smash, Billionaire. Rousing the lads in the crowd, McCoy made the ladies gush by welcoming girlfriends and singles alike to be his beau while in town. Someone might have a story to tell after this long weekend…

The Naked and Famous tried their best to entertain the extremely small crowd that stuck around for their set, losing out to the man that many came to see, Skrillex. Pulling a crowd that rivalled the headline acts, plenty of punters missed out on the Skrillex set as they could not get close enough to hear the relatively quiet music. Those who did secure a spot merely witnessed Sonny Moore, jumping around behind his decks and screaming amp up phrases into a microphone, backed by fire and spinning tunes that sound exactly like his records, possibly because he was just spinning his records. Skrillex’s world dominating dub step lacks diversity at the best of times and in a live environment, this is even more obvious.

Some much needed shade was found in a large tent whilst DJ Oliver Huntemann played the most boring set of the day, spinning what seemed to be the same lo-fi house beat on repeat for one straight hour. This was soon rectified by the stand out performance of the festival, South Africa’s Die Antwoord, which contains two of the best live MC’s around today, Ninja and Yolandi Vi$$er. Neither rapper missed a beat as the offered a clear and precise delivery of tracks from their debut ’$O$’ and the new album ‘Ten$ion’, mixing their hip-hop in with a little dance music to get the crowd pumped up and keep them there. Then end of the set ended like some sort of crazy rave led by Ninja’s flailing dance moves before he launched himself into the crowd.

Back over to what seemed to be the unofficial live band stage to watch The Rapture play through a set lacking energy (they’re crowd was smaller than a local DJ spinning Swedish House Mafia tracks) before The Wombats, whom really seem to love coming to Australia, picked the energy levels back up with one of the heaviest rocking, and therefore most out of place, performances of the day. This was by no means a bad thing as the band gave their all despite the relatively small crowd in attendance by the group’s usual standards.

Aphex Twin confused the audience by starting his set early with all unsure if they were listening to the infamous DJ or the change over music. The dust eventually got the best of remaining people who had not already been busted for various illegal substances and thrown out the side gate, prompting them to slowly start leaving the festival to the heavy bass sounds of the actual Swedish House Mafia. The uncomfortable conditions and simple fact that DJs are not exciting to watch places Future Music at lower end of the festival scale in 2012 with hopes that a change in venue and more diverse line-up are on the cards for next year.