FRINGE: Puppetry of the Penis

Some people are fascinated by the male form and none more so than the creators of Puppetry Of The Penis. After touring the world Simon from this duo is retiring after performing tricks such as The Hamburger, The Wrist Watch and The Wind Surfer – you’d be nuts to miss this!

Are you looking forward to returning to Adelaide? “Always! We have too much fun there!”

Is it hard work coming up with new ‘tricks’? “To be honest, you won’t find us sitting around making shapes anymore,” Simon said. “There are only so many shapes you can create out of a penis and a couple of testicle’s, and at about 60 of them I think we’ve already stretched it, so to speak.”

What’s different about this show compared to past shows? “There are a few new tricks,” Simon mentioned. “It will performed by myself and Dan Lewry, who if the very first guy we trained up.”

Did you ever think this act would be so massive around the world? “Well, to be honest, yes,” Simon confidently asserted. “I figured if we pitched right, it could go anywhere. Half of us have them, and the other half are very curious.”

Do you still remember your first trick? “Of course,” Simon stated. “That’s like asking where I was when Diana died. The Hamburger.”

Are there ever any on stage dramas or occasions where your male member has a mind of its own? “You mean do we get stiffy’s,” Simon asked. “No, we have ways of controlling this. I personally imagine my Nana holding a dead puppy. That seems to work.”

Is there any trick you’d like to do but can’t? “The Opera House.”

What sort of preparation goes in to a tour like the Festival Fringe? “I pack my tooth brush… That’s it I’m afraid.”

Do you have to do any special cool down or recovery after the show? “Oh yes,” Simon answered. “I head straight to the Fringe bar.”

Finally how many more tours do you think you’ve got in you? “This is actually one of my last,” Simon revealed. “I have already retired, but coming back because I love the Fringe, and I get to see all of my mates. We have trained up younger boys to carry the flag.”

Any words of wisdom for the youngsters in waiting? “Just remember, everyone in the audience is a lot more frightened than you.”

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