Frenzal Rhomb vs Descendents

Ahead of their tour together Frenzal Rhomb’s GORDY FORMAN and Descendents BILL STEVENSON sit down to talk Blink 182 and dodgy tattoos.

It took three decades for Descendents to reach Australia, but just a few years after their debut visit for the No Sleep Til… festival they’re returning for a tour with good mates and fellow crusty punks, Bouncing Souls, Frenzal Rhomb and Bodyjar.

Back in 2011 Frenzal headed over to Colorado in the US to record their album Smoko at the Pet Food Factory with Decedents drummer Bill Stevenson. During their time there the band laid down some chumpy tunes, drank a lot of Jameson and avoided listening to Blink 182. Having forged a “special friendship” with Bill during the sessions, The Rhomb’s skinsmen Gordy Forman happily challenged his former producer/tour buddy to a few prying questions for FL.

How much are you paying us to bolster the shitty lineup on this tour, and are you aware of our reputation for stealing other band’s riders while they’re onstage?

I love you most when you’re drunk and well fed, so have at our rider all you want. Doesn’t your mother feed you? You do still live with your parents, right?

“I just try to detach myself from pop-punk and write the whole thing off as an experiment that went bad.”

Do you think [Michael] McDermott [drummer] from The Bouncing Souls is a hack? You worked on [their new album] Comet right? Spill the beans, Josh Freese came in and did the drums yeah?

It sounds like you and McDermott have some shit to work out. But, Gordy, I think you should know – just because Josh Freese (and I) had to replay all of your parts on the new Frenzal album does not mean that I have to do that for every band.

Having worked with them before, I’m sure you’re aware of Bodyjar’s adoration for your band. They are punishing as fuck when drunk, and like most Australians, they’re drunk often. Have you a plan to deal with that?

Punishers? Really? I have known Cameron [Baines] and Phil [Rose] forever, but I don’t remember them being punishers, in particular. But it has been a very long time since I have seen them. I suppose if you and I drink along with them, then I’ll survive it, yeah?

Can you please play ‘Jean Is Dead’?

The last time we played it was maybe 1983 – but I’ll ask the guys about it.

Have you managed to get rid of all the empty Budweiser cans and Jameson bottles from the when we were at the Blasting Room in 2011?

We had to hire a forklift to get it all out of there. (Resorted to bragging about booze consumption during the recording, have you? I guess it would make sense – for lack of there being any decent drumming to brag about).

When you guys were here for No Sleep Til, me and two mates got drunken tattoos. It’s Milo, but with an ice cream helmet on his head and it says “Bird Attack”. Possibly the shittest tattoo I’ve ever seen on anyone, ever. Would you guys be keen to get one? Maybe you could get Milo tattooed life size over your entire face?

I have made it 49 years without a single tattoo. Is it too late to start? But it would have to be something better than a “Bird Attack” or “Milo” head to get me to cave in at this point.

What’s going on with [your forthcoming documentary], FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL? Have you had much input as far as content? Any release date as yet?

The guys that filmed it are still sorting out distribution and all that other boring business stuff. Yeah, we had a tonne of input. The dudes that filmed it are way cool.

What do you think will be the first thing each dude in the band will do once you get through Customs and all that bullshit and set foot outside the airport?

Beach. Beer. Bed. Maybe not in that order.

Favorite Zeke [hardcore band from Washington] lyric?

‘Viva Agostini’

What’s on a typical Descendents rider? Purely out of curiosity, I’m not planning my raids or anything, honest.

Coffee, and whatever kind of beer you like, Gordy. I will have them include some for you, since it really does seem as though you are not being well taken care of at home.

Your top 5 all time favorite bands?

These “listing” questions, they always suck for me. I’m always gonna leave someone off, or put someone in there that doesn’t really deserve it.

And top 5 current favourite bands?

How about what I’m listening to this month:





Ornette Coleman


Blink 182 are fucking horrible, yet have cited you guys as their biggest influence since day one. How the fuck do you live with that?

I think you’ve got me on this one, Gordy. I guess I just try to detach myself from “pop-punk” as it has become known, and write the whole thing off as an interesting experiment that went bad.

The Descendents, Bouncing Souls, Frenzal Rhomb, Bodyjar tour:

Wednesday, February 6 – Eaton’s Hill , Brisbane (w/ The Disables)

Thursday, February 7 – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney (w/ Irrelevant)

Saturday, February 9 – Festival Hall – Melbourne (w/ Game Over)

Sunday, February 10 – Metro City, Perth