Frenzal Rhomb @ The Rosemount, Perth (27/5/11)

Barriers were up against the small stage of the Rosemount on Friday night bringing on anticipation that the sold out Bird Attack Awareness show may get a little crazy in true Frenzal Rhomb style.

Opening for the night were Perth’s punk rocker’s Chilling Winston. They came out jumping around the stage with piles of energy and eagerness to perform to the crowd. Lindsay Claridge’s vocals had a growly gruff edge to them which was complimented by harmonies with bassist Christian Hancock. The songs played were a variety off their self-titled EP and accurate to punk nature were all between two and three minutes at the most, fast-paced with a start-stop nature that definitely pleased the decent sized crowd of those who ventured out of the beer garden early.

Castle Bravo had a more developed sound with fast guitar riffs and tight from start to finish. Vocals weren’t the most enticing, but for the style they play, it works. The quick movement of fingers sliding up and down the guitar showcased some real musical talent as each band member fed off each other bettering themselves as the set went on. The worst part would be the drummer filling in time with ridiculously lame jokes, but it didn’t change his impressive playing abilities. Their punk-inspired songs gave off a Rise Against vibe with a deep, heavier undertone. They were short and to the point but with lyrics like “three cheers for nothing” there was certainly an element of depth.

The beer garden emptied and everyone packed in tightly to the underground dungeon band room of The Rosemount chanting Frenzal, Frenzal Frenzal loudly. With a disco ball rotating brightly Frenzal Rhomb came out with a burst of hilarity and energy to get the crowd worked up and out of control with 4 Litres. Frontman Jason Whalley’s mop of dreads were as impressive as ever has he swung them around throughout DUGAGUGABOWBOW. Amongst sea of moshing punkers and Mohawks ice-cream containers started appearing and bopping up and down during Fuck The System.

The thick smell of sweat appeared in the air as the set progressed, but it didn’t stop fans from jumping about frantically and singing loudly to White World and as Lindsey McDougall stood on the barrier playing his guitar behind his head yelling “I’m a fucking punk rocker” during the next song, Russel Crowe’s Band, an even bigger crowd response ensued. Whalley made it clear to the bouncers that they didn’t get the ‘no macho dickhead memo’ they sent out as crowd surfers were being dragged out the stage door during the ever popular, finger-in-the-air, ultimate fuck you song, You Can’t Move Into My House. We’re Going Out Tonight continued the sing along craziness of the audience and did not stop as All Your Friends began right until the end of Genius.

The new song (and reason for the tour), Bird Attack had two ticks checked in the absurd and amazing combination as every other bizarre Frenzal song. McDougall donned his bird attack protection helmet – an ice-cream container with funny eyes drawn on, and others in the crowd followed suit. Tom Crease’s bass skills really were the stand out of the night, especially the particular talent he has for slap.

According to the band, the next song was the Australian national anthem and like every show for the last however many years they break into playing the Home and Away theme song, whilst the audience breaks into a mix between singing and laughing. This turned straight into the infamous quick mouthed Punch in the Face and followed on by Bucket Bong. Never Had So Much Fun was the song everyone was waiting for and proved to be as awesome as when it was released in ‘99. Fan requests finished off the night without one dissapointment from the crazy guys in Frenzal.

There’s no show quite like a Frenzal show, whether it be the ridiculous titles of their songs and lyrics or the fact they don’t really give a shit for authority and joke amongst themselves and the crowd throughout their set. Either way, they owned the stage, have an insane fan-base, are arguably the best punk band that has ever come out of Australia and probably won’t be leaving our stages anytime over the next 20 years.