Frenzal Rhomb play Stonefest09

“Desperate for money” were the exact words given to explain Frenzal Rhomb’s return after a lengthy hiatus. As sad as the reasoning is, not too many people seem to really care – and instead are just glad to get a chance to see them hit the stage. For Canberra festival goers, Frenzal will be headlining Stonefest09.

On the phone is frontman Jason ‘Jay’ Whalley, and he evidently has not yet come down from the travel-bug, as he delved into details of his epic journey overseas which contributed to the band’s time apart.

After months of not being in his own country he noted that “it was good going straight on tour.” In the early months of the year, the big on the road experience for the Boys Are Back In Brown shows he considered, “a nice re-introduction to Australia.” To describe the type of this-year’s Frenzal goers? “Well, most of our fans are very representative of a broad cross section of Australia,” this muso said smugly, “and if by broad cross section you mean seventeen year old inbred idiots from the end of the train line, well that’s who turned up and it was a lot of fun!”

Frenzal Rhomb is now in the seventeenth year of togetherness – a few changes (jobs) and a few disputes between band members but that is clearly now left in the past and it’s time for touring. “No one can kick me out because I am the only original guy left. Only I can kick myself out. I may kick myself out… but not before Stonefest!

“Stonefest something that we’ve been looking forward for years and years, for sixteen of those years at least! We know that Stonefest has been going for a long-long time!” Over the past decade and a bit the phone has been awfully quiet for Frenzal Rhomb in regards to playing at Stonefest, but apparently this is the year that “it’s getting turned right up!”

Jay enthusiastically went to announce the names of those who Frenzal Rhomb will be sharing the stages with, “Urthboy, Josh Pyke, Birds of Tokyo, The Living End, MM9, Jerrico, Ashleigh Mannix…” Impressive!!! How does he know Canberra’s own Ashleigh Mannix? this writer thought aloud. Jay on the other-hand was fast to respond with, ”[I] sure don’t [know her] !! But she must be good! She’s got a guitar for starters.”

Touring is a start to get the Frenzal fans frenzied, but when’s this album coming out, and what will a punk-rock band bring in to the predominantly synths-based music industry? “Aww, I love synthersisers – I just can’t work them out. I don’t know how to use them at all”, but he goes on to say he’s owns one, “I can plug it in and the light turns on. Apart from that – it’s a mystery!” With an album – will there be adding synths one day? ” Definitely, the next album is going to be all synths based. It’s going to be like The Presets meets Empire of the SunPnau meets one of those guys. I’m going to dress up like Adam Ant and we’re going to have huge massive hits… Just you wait,” he says… Yes…Just you wait.

Frenzal have changed over the past seventeen years, but are their ideals still the same? “If by ideal [one] means a commitment to drinking, then yes!!”

Come join Frenzal Rhomb at University of Canberra’s Stonefest on October 31. Buy your tickets though Ticketek.