Forgotten singles of the 2000s

Time Magazine may have called the 2000s the “decade from hell”, but it did throw up some fun songs about driving while intoxicated, sex addiction, robots from the future and tiny Central American nations. The noughties, the aughts, whatever you want it call it, was a decade when rock’n’roll in all its iterations – glam, garage, post-punk, disco-punk, funk-punk – arose like a drug-addled, emaciated, leather-clad phoenix from the fire. The likes of The Strokes, Interpol and The Killers may’ve made it out of the past decade alive (barely), but what about The Bravery, Radio 4, 67 Special, The Subways and Pretty Girls Make Graves? Following our ‘90s singles retrospective, we’re counting down 50 forgotten tracks from a decade Time forgot.

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