Forgotten singles of the 2000s

Time Magazine may have called the 2000s the “decade from hell”, but it did throw up some fun songs about driving while intoxicated, sex addiction, robots from the future and tiny Central American nations. The noughties, the aughts, whatever you want it call it, was a decade when rock’n’roll in all its iterations – glam, garage, post-punk, disco-punk, funk-punk – arose like a drug-addled, emaciated, leather-clad phoenix from the fire. The likes of The Strokes, Interpol and The Killers may’ve made it out of the past decade alive (barely), but what about The Bravery, Radio 4, 67 Special, The Subways and Pretty Girls Make Graves? Following our ‘90s singles retrospective, we’re counting down 50 forgotten tracks from a decade Time forgot.

Rooney – ‘Blueside’ (2003)

Jason Schwartzman’s (better looking) little brother scored a minor hit in the early-aughts with this sunshiny slice of poor man’s Thrills.

Gelbison – ‘Metal Detector’ (2003)

From back in the days when getting your album produced by Gomez actually meant something.

Von Bondies – ‘C’mon C’mon’ (2004)

Getting punched in the face by Jack White was the best/worst thing that happened to Jason Stollsteimer’s career. Discuss.

The Concretes – You Can’t Hurry Love (2003)

Not a Supremes cover, not a cover of Phil Collins covering the Supremes, but a punchy bit of Scandinavian pop med horns (that’s Swedish for “with”).

Louis XIV – ‘Find Out True Love Is Blind’ (2005)

From an album that Pitchfork gave a 1.2, so it must be good, right?

Art Brut – ‘My Little Brother’ (2005)

Eddie Argos > Jarvis Cocker

Kosheen – ‘Hide U’ (2001)

Released in that awkward time when the new millennium sounded utterly indistinguishable from the old one.

JC Chasez – ‘All Day Long I Dream About Sex’ (2004)

Whatever happened to that Justin Timberlake guy?

The D4 – ‘Get Loose’ (2002)

Thanks to The D4 and The Datsuns, New Zealand was no longer synonymous with jangly guitars, but riffs as well-worn as your dad’s old leather jackets and stovepipe jeans.

The Bumblebeez – ‘Dr Love’ (2007)

For a brief period of time Chris Colonna was the new Beck. Now he’s just the guy that ruined that Wolf & Cub record.


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