FL’s Top 20 Most Read Articles of 2012

Now that we have thoroughly listed everything that happened in music this year, it’s time to look back on the stories and interviews that FL readers just couldn’t get enough of in 2012.

Thanks to the rise of the “drip-feed”, festival news – and specifically anything that AJ Maddah said about Soundwave – dominated the most read articles. In fact it didn’t even have to be an official announcement to get FL readers in a ‘tiz; while Groovin’ The Moo, Future Music and Harvest lineups were viewed by thousands, you were equally excited about a few hints from the Big Day Out and some likely additions to Soundwave.

As far as tour news went, it was the big names that dominated 2012 with announcements for The Boss, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Radiohead, Refused,Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink 182 all clocking up stacks of reads.

But with all the festival and tour announcements aside, what were the other big music stories that captivated the FL massive in 2012? Coming in at number one was the FL exclusive about Daft Punk’s new album. In the lead-up to Chic’s headline performance at Golden Plains, Tom Mann chatted with the legendary Nile Rodgers who casually let slip that he had been jamming with Daft Punk and that their new album is “gonna be amazing”. Shortly after the internet exploded.

Second on the list was the only story we published in 2012 that resulted in death threats, The Most Overrated Albums of All Time – while the slightly less controversial Most Underrated Albums came in at number six. Proving what h8ers you all really are, FL’s guide to hating triple j and guide to hating festival lineups both made the top 20.

Battles and verbal stoushes were also the flavour of the year with Brendan Maclean’s not-so-rose-tinted eulogy to The Sando, Delta Goodrum’s face-off with the Arcade Fire and Wolfmother’s attack on triple j all making the list.

So without further ado, here are the top 20 music stories on FL in 2012:

1. Exclusive: Daft Punk’s new album: It’s gonna be amazing

2.The Most Overrated Albums Of All Time

3.Festival analysis: Soundwave

4.Big Day Our promoter Ken West interview

5.Billy Corgan interview

6.The Most Underrated Albums Of All Time

7.Haters gonna hate: A guide to hating festival lineups

8.Delta Goodrem Vs Arcade Fire

9.Exclusive: One Great Night On Earth interview

10.Steel Panther interview

11.In Defence of: Nickelback

12.”Maddah on Soundwave 2013 lineup: “I would be amazed if it does not sell out instantly””:

13.”Brendan Maclean: “Why I won’t miss The Sando””:

14.Top 50 Albums of 2012

15.Prince Melbourne afterparty rumours heat up

16.”Wolfmother blasts triple j: “100% consistently lame””:

17.”Andrew Stockdale announced as new triple j host, replacing The Doctor: “effective immediately””:

18.The Annandale vs Brendan Maclean: Will live music survive?

19.Haters gonna hate – A guide to hating triple j

20.Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia dies after on-stage collapse

Editor’s Note: The Gremlins in the back-end have eaten the Daft Punk view counts, but it is number one by a mile.