FL’s Best Albums of 2010

The only thing better than listening to a new album you have spent months (if not years) hanging out for, is being able to award that album a position on an end of year list.

Here at FasterLouder we have spent the last few weeks trawling through twelve months worth of CD reviews, picking up records we had forgotten about in February and breaking into the occasional fist fight in an attempt to create our list of 2010’s Best Albums.

The result is, of course, subjective. But in a year which has been dominated by some ground-breaking Australian albums, a hip-hop king’s comeback, and the explosion of surf-pop it is one of the most interesting end of year lists we have seen for some time.

So sit back and prepare to argue, because here are FL’s Best Albums of 2010 (in a conveniently wrapped two-part package).

FL’s Best Albums of 2010: 50-26

FL’s Best Albums of 2010: 25-1