Flo Rida: Flo raided

The Australian tour by certified douchebag Flo Rida has suffered another blow with a member of his entourage spending a night in the lock up and coping a $1800 fine following a raid of the rapper’s hotel suite.

Flo Rida made the headlines on the weekend by throwing a pathetic “hissy fit” and refusing to play at the Fat As Butter festival and then turning up over three hours late for a club show where the club owners turned him away as they “did not believe he was in a suitable condition to perform.”

Following the cancelled shows on Saturday, the comically substandard rapper and his entourage flew to Townsville to play a poolside concert at Jupiters Casino. His twitter reports that the gig was “unbelievable” but just after 8.40pm plain clothes police detectives raided a room on the hotel’s 19th floor, which had been booked out by the rapper’s minions, investigating the “strong smell of burnt cannabis” wafting down the hallways. Flo Rida’s “personal assistant” Dakari Dalawn Phillips was taken in to custody and spent 14 hours in the police lock up.

After his court appearance, Flo Rida’s lackey refused to answer any questions, but did manage to flirt with a female reporter calling her “cutie” and asking for her number. Phillips also missed his 4am flight out of Townsville with the rest of the crew.

As the Herald Sun hilariously notes “Phillips didn’t get lucky outside the court house he definitely did inside – with no conviction recorded for possessing dangerous drugs, unlawful possession of restricted drugs, posses property suspected of having being used in connection with the commission of a drug offence and unlawful possession of weapons category.”

According to police prosecutor Colleen Wainwright the search of the hotel room netted:

A clip seal bag with 16g of green leafy material

A joint with 1g of cannabis

Three grinders

A set of scales covered in specks of green leafy material

A gold capsule of tetrahydra cannabis

A viagra tablet

A 10ml bottle of liquid cannabis

A Uzi taser

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