FL reports from Faith No More

In case you hadn’t noticed, Faith No More made its triumphant return to the stage last night at London’s Brixton Academy. Having spent the day poring over the set-list, FasterLouder has called on someone who was there to give us a first-hand account.

An ardent fan of the band, our willing scribe Terry Zielke was clearly awed by the show. Here are his hyped-up scribbles...

“They were selling 80 signed posters at the show with exclusive –  “FNM @ Brixton June 10’ print – I got one! The support act – a sort-of punk/goth-rock band – was booed even though they weren’t that bad. One audience member started the chant, –  “YOU FAT BASTARDS!’ So Faith No More walked on – the last was Mike Patton.

Dressed in trousers and a skin-coloured shirt, Mike looked sexy (a little podgy, but great hair). After set opener Reunited, Patton greeted us with “good evening fuck heads”, as the familiar drums of The Real Thing began. It was by far the standout song of the night and a band favourite. Roddy Bottom was spraying sweat from the second song, which was The Real Thing (he barely made it through the night; I’m sure the airflow was non-existent in front of 4000 screaming, dedicated fans).

Mike was a true entertainer. Some of his antics included body-rolling whilst doing a handstand – sort of like a gymnast, only less graceful. However, it was his facial expressions and body language that set the tone. He spent a lot of time screaming and rolling around the floor during Jizzlobber and Gentle Art. The frontman did say some funny shit to the crowd, like how Fat Bastards and Midlife Crisis make more sense now. He was forever joking with the drummer throughout the night; in fact, the whole band seemed to get on well with each other.

During Pristina, Patton put on his immense stare in my direction. I actually felt like he was looking directly at me and I beat his stare – not an easy task! Caffeine was the most awesome song to hear live – I can’t believe I was there. Incredible performance, top-notch sound and the lighting was average but nothing disappointing. Here’s hoping they play Falling To Pieces at Download Festival, yeah?”