FL Recommends November: Day Ravies, Colour Bomb, Heavy Beach, Wild Cub

DARREN LEVIN and SARAH SMITH round-up the best emerging bands on the internet in November – from a Gotye collaborator to a self-described “psych-pop-grunge” outfit from Melbourne.

Day Ravies

Sydney’s Day Ravies don’t just have a great name – one that evokes both the Kinks and Summadayze – but a kind of dreamy lo-fi aesthetic that causes critics to trot out words like “woozy”, “ethereal”, “otherworldly” and “hazy”. Featuring lead vocals by guitarist Lani Crooks, ‘Double Act’ is the first single off their debut LP, which is due out through the venerable Popfrenzy label in early 2013.

Colour Bomb

When James Saunders isn’t busy playing with Gotye (you may’ve heard of him), he’s making music with his high school chum Tom Whitty, a guitarist and prolific songwriter from Melbourne. The pair call themselves Colour Bomb and their music isn’t that far removed from the aforementioned “King of Pop”, especially with Saunders’ falsetto reaching ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’-like highs on first single ‘On The Run’. Expertly arranged and somewhat bombastic – but in a good way.

Heavy Beach

“Psych-pop-grunge” is how this Melbourne outfit define their sound – and it’s not too far removed from fellow ‘90s revivalists like Yuck and Iowa. Recorded in a place called “Nick’s Warehouse” – which may or may not actually be a warehouse – ‘Five Days’ features introspective vocals from Ali Edmonds (Little Athletics, Damn Terran) and a sludgy riff that chugs along for four-plus minutes. They’re launching their debut EP at Melbourne’s the Gasometer this Friday (November 30).

Wild Cub

With the combined talent of film composer Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, Nashville duo Wild Cub don’t really sound like the garage/country generally associated with their hometown. Their debut album Youth – which is getting a re-release early in 2013 to coincide with an appearance at SXSW – is jammed full of shiny beats and bouncy tropical-pop melodies. Single ‘Thunder Clatter’ is kind of like the 2012 update of Paul Simon’s ‘You Call Me Al’ (which is a good thing, in case you were wondering).

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