Five songs that could beat ‘Thrift Shop’ in the Hottest 100

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis may be the favourites to win this year’s Hottest 100, but what if they don’t? JODY MACGREGOR suggests five songs that could pull one out of the bag.

According to the stats nerds who compiled the Warmest 100, ‘Thrift Shop’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is a shoo-in to top the Hottest 100 poll this Australia Day. But what if it doesn’t win? There have been surprise upsets in previous years – from ‘Big Jet Plane’ over ‘Rock It’ to ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ over ‘Straight Lines’ – here are five songs that could pull the same trick this Saturday.

Tame Impala – ‘Elephant’

Never underestimate the power of patriotism to influence the votes of triple j listeners. The 2011 poll had 44 songs by Australians in it and unless you genuinely believe that Australia accounts for 44 percent of the world’s best music you’ve got to admit that seems a little like local favouritism. Plus, it’s the only possible way to explain how Angus & Julia Stone won in 2010 with ‘Big Jet Plane’. Of the Australian acts in the running this year the all-conquering Tame Impala – who topped our own list of the year’s best albums, among one or two others – are most likely to win.

Warmest 100 prediction: Five

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, ‘Same Love’

There’s still a core of people listening to triple j who fell in love with the station during the 1990s and just quietly self-identify as “alternative”. There’s nothing alternative types hate more than being a part of the herd. The fact that ‘Thrift Shop’ is such an obvious contender could ultimately hurt its chances if people who like the song avoid voting for it because they don’t want to be, like, one of those sheeple who just do what’s expected of them. Obviously the independent-minded won’t immediately start voting for Django Django just to be different – they’ll vote for the other Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song they like, which is ‘Same Love’ featuring Mary Lambert.

Warmest 100 prediction: 20

Of Monsters and Men, ‘Little Talks’

Currently the number two most-likely contender, ‘Little Talks’ made it to #7 on the ARIA Charts and is still in the top 20, currently sitting at #11. It was also an early favourite of the bookies when they started laying odds on potential winners. Apparently Australians love Icelandic bands with weird videos but can’t be bothered sitting through a whole Sigur Rí³s song or learning to spell their name. This is who they’ll be voting for instead.

Warmest 100 prediction: Two

Skrillex, ‘Bangarang’ (ft. Sirah)

The votes that were analysed for the Warmest 100 came from people sharing their lists on Facebook and Twitter after voting, but there are plenty of people who don’t publicly show off their votes. The people who choose guilty pleasures they’re a little embarrassed of liking have yet to be counted. ‘Bangarang’ is one of the biggest guilty pleasures of last year, and when all the votes of closet dubstep heads come in, who knows how high this could go?

Warmest 100 prediction: 26

PSY, ‘Gangnam Style’

1,235,291,640 views on YouTube and rising. Try to imagine that many people. You can’t, because that number is so high it’s beyond comprehension. It may as well be gumpty-frillion and two. It seems impossible – so perhaps it is. Perhaps YouTube’s been hacked. And if PSY can hack YouTube our country’s rinky-dink little Hottest 100 will be a piece of piss. Get ready to watch someone awkwardly start doing the dance during your Saturday BBQ then realise they’re alone and try to pass it off as ironic, because if the next step in PSY’s plan for global domination is winning the Hottest 100 then nothing will stop him.

Warmest 100 prediction: N/A

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