First winter weekend builds solid foundation for live music.

The first weekend in June was a long weekend of musical mayhem with Bad Company at Metro City getting everyone in the mood to party despite storms and torrential rain; Fasterlouder was there to see it all. Digitaljunglist gives it two thumbs up here

Meanwhile, around the back, Ubiq was busy snapping The Whip and their beer soaked fans as they shared a stage with Perth local darlings Sugar Army and the Harlequin League. Improv points must go to Miles for his performance in the last HL song... that’s why it’s called a kick drum, right?

If you partied with the bands between sets and afterwards, you could find yourself in the gallery here

Read how Stumbeline and Stuo headed over to Amps to hear some Dirty Secrets. See the evidence.

At the same time, Garage was busy with a camera only a few steps away at the Rocket Room where he and Gunhilder were reintroducing themselves to Steve Parkin and getting a sneak preview of some of Eskimo Joe’s new music from a solo Kav Temperley.

Read what Gunhilder thought about it all tomorrow and see what Garage saw, here.

If Dirty Secrets are too rock, and Kav is too mellow for your Saturday night, have a look at the insanity of the !!! gig at The Bakery here and see if Jerrem shot any of your mates. If you can’t quite remember what went on, you can read me3gan’s review here and heart it if you were there.

Sunday on a long weekend is no longer a school night, so the party rolled on and on. Benjiswan and Stuo can remind you what you got up to at We Love Sounds Festival where the Bakery and Metro City became heroes and the stars aligned for the night . Find yourself here

Whilst we were loving sounds on one side of Perth, Sharpshooter and Jerrem were playing Kisschasy with the Donnas and the Getaway Plan at the other Metros. See what Sharpshooter had to say tomorrow. Around the corner, things were getting dark and hairy at the Fly By Night where I killed the Prom Queen got involved with the locals.

Have a look at Theroute777’s photodiary to see how it all unfolded, and then read what metal musician Owencord thought of the whole shebang.