First listen: Serj Tankian

System of a Down leader Serj Tankian has confirmed that “at this present time, [System of a Down is] not working on new music.”

Tankian has explained to KROQ that “We’ve mentioned it, but we haven’t made plans to do so. Everyone’s doing their own thing… I don’t think there is a reason for it; I don’t think anything is forever…We are enjoying each other’s company touring and one day we’ll make another record. I just don’t know when or how.”

However to satisfy the market’s insatiable demand for new music from outspoken operatic Lebanese-born Armenian-American political activists, Tankian will be releasing four records of his own this year. The first of these is his new rock record, Harakiri.

“Rock is easy,” Tankian told KROQ. “It comes to me naturally and pretty quickly. This [Harakiri] is probably the fastest record that I’ve ever written in my life. The others, some of them, especially the orchestral and classical stuff, take a lot more kind of breadth and a lot more work.”

Listen to Figure It Out, the first single from Harakiri:

Harakiri tracklist


Figure It Out

Ching Chime



Occupied Tears

Deafening Silence

Forget Me Knot

Reality TV

Uneducated Democracy

Weave On