First listen: Missy Higgins ‘Unashamed Desire’

Missy Higgins has returned with her first song in five years, Unashamed Desire. Taken from her forthcoming album the single is a comeback of sorts for Higgins, who only recently admitted that following the success of her first two albums she decided to quit the ‘biz altogether. “I guess I had a bit of an existential crisis – I thought, how do I become happy? If this doesn’t give me fulfilment, what will?” Higgins reveals, “I’d always been the singer or the musician or the songwriter. And when I quit music, it was terrifying. Who am I without it? It was scary but it was also important to find out.”

However, something clearly pulled Higgins out of her slump, because this June she will finally release her third album, The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle. While there is no official cut of the record’s first single we did find a rough demo of Unashamed Desire on soundcloud recorded by Higgins producer Butterfly Boucher:

And for a more polished take on singer’s new sound watch this ‘making of ’ The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle: