First Listen: Green Day

The first taste of the upcoming avalanche of new Green Day material has been unveiled with the release of the lead single from ¡Uno!, the first instalment in the trilogy of records the band will be releasing between now and January.

The lead track from this ambitious project is the stripped back song Oh Love so you’ll need to learn how to sing the song’s chorus “Far away, far away / Waste away tonight / I’m wearing my heart on a noose” so you can sing along with the band on their next stadium tour.

Last June, Armstrong revealed on Twitter that they had begun work on “a tonne of new songs… The direction is fresh and high energy. Feels great” and hinted at the their current direction by posing a series of questions including “What would [rock photographer] Bob Gruen do?”, “What would Best Coast do?”, “What would [U.S. Bombs singer] Duane Peters do?” and “What would Elvis Costello do?”.

¡Uno! Tracklist:

Nuclear Family

Stay The Night

Carpe Diem

Let Yourself Go

Kill The DJ

Fell For You

Loss Of Control


Angel Blue

Sweet 16

Rusty James

Oh Love

¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! will be released on September 25th, November 13th, and January 15th, respectively.