First act leaked for Harvest festival 2012?

AJ Maddah’s touring Soundwave juggernaut is now over for another year so his attention (and ours) now turns to his more civilised gathering – Harvest festival.

Last year’s Harvest lineup set the bar high with the likes of Portishead, The Flaming Lips, TV On The Radio and The National on the bill so who will be playing at the festival this year?

Although the Radiohead tour announcement clearly warns that “no shows will be added to the tour”, the announcement of Radiohead’s November tour with dates that fall very closely in line with the dates of last year’s Harvest festival, has inevitably prompted some very optimistic speculation that the band could be headlining the festival this year.

However, we got our first realistic clue about the 2012 Harvest lineup last night when Ben Kweller wrapped up his quick Australian tour in Melbourne. FL’s reviewer at the gig, deanoss, reports that Kweller mentioned during the show that he plans to return soon and that “there’s a festival tour in November in the works”.

November festival, hey? What ever could that be?

The full review of the Kweller gig will be published on FL soon.