Finabah, Nine Sons of Dan, Alibrandi @ the Zoo (30/06/2011)

Having last seen the Finabah boys approximately four years ago in a community hall in Ipswich, Thursday night’s show at the Zoo was a chance to finally see how the boys have matured over the years. Gold Coast rockers Nine Sons of Dan and Brisbane locals Alibrandi rounded off the line up, playing to a chilled crowd of friends and fans at the Zoo.

To start off the evening of pop rock guilty pleasures, self described indie rock five piece, Alibrandi kicked off their set with fast paced, catchy rock. Featuring a slightly unusual line up of thee guitars, bass and drums, the set flowed easily through a number of tracks off their most recent EP The Emergency. Featuring numerous break downs and vocals reminiscent of Gyroscope’s Daniel Sanders, the boys proved to be both talented and charismatic, interacting well with the crowd and getting friends up on the stage for cameo vocals.

Following on from the Alibrandi boys, Gold Coast up and comers Nine Sons of Dan showcased their pop rock stylings. With an exceptionally talented lead guitarist, the set proved to be thoroughly entertaining, despite a somewhat disjointed stage presence. Showcasing some of their newest tracks including She’s So Fine and Cities, the catchy tunes easily got stuck in punters’ minds, particularly with the fairy floss sweet and breezy lyrics including “Hold me like a teddy bear”.

Finally, Toowoomba bred, and Brisbane based four piece, Finabah swaggered on stage with all the confidence of ARIA air chart high flyers. With well practiced melodies and a solid pop rock set the boys interacted well with their dedicated fans, all of whom were front and centre singing along word for word. With some exuberant on stage antics including a few neck twirls with the bass by bassist and keyboardist Brendan Langfield, the boys proved they had both the charisma and style.

Unfortunately, whilst the boys are good, they are good at what they have done. And what they have done seems to be exactly what they are repeating. The set lacked progression, variance and musical growth. It was incredibly frustrating to watch a band with so much potential just stick to what they know. Having said that though, I still hold hope that given time, Finabah are sure to improve and a little more maturity could see them really transform into an iconic feature of the local scene.