All your favourite bands from 2001 are coming back to haunt you

It’s 2001. At the start of each week you walk to your local CD store to pick up a copy of the latest street press newspaper, neatly stacked in piles outside. It’s a regular ritual: you grab a coffee, lay them all out and flick through the pages, looking for the latest news about your fave bands.

The first thing you see today is a biggie: Incubus just announced a brand new album! So have Linkin Park! New music from Evanescence, and a new video from New Found Glory!

What a great week for new music in 2001. 2001’s pretty good so far. Now is the time for emo and pop-punk and nu metal – and that’s perfectly fine.

Hang on.

Wait, wait, wait. It’s not 2001, is it?

Nope. It’s two thousand and fucking seventeen.

But everything up there is totally true. No, really – check out all their new tracks below.

Incubus – ‘Nimble Bastard’

It’s their first piece of new music since 2011 (don’t worry, I also didn’t know that they’d released an album in 2011). It’s their eighth album, will be titled 8, and is set to drop on April 21, 2017.

Linkin Park – ‘Heavy’

Linkin Park’s seventh album, One More Light, will arrive on May 19. Believe it or not they actually released their last album in 2014. Here’s the new single and lyric video. For a song called ‘Heavy,’ it’s actually really soft. This is pretty far removed from their Hybrid Theory days.

Amy Lee – ‘Love Exists’

Amy Lee’s new single ‘Love Exists’ came out on Valentine’s Day (and yes, Evanescence really are in the studio right now working on something new). The single follows on from the children’s album she released last September. We can only assume this track is designed for adults though.

New Found Glory – ‘Happy Being Miserable’

And seeing as New Found Glory are still a thing, here’s their new video too. The track is called ‘Happy Being Miserable’, taken from their upcoming album Makes Me Sick. Interpret that one however you like.

Has the upheaval of old ‘retro’ trends gone too far this time? We saw the resurgence of disco. We saw every single pop and R&B ‘90s/early 2000s one-hit-wonder you could possibly think of announce tours. But this? Really?

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