Fat Mike’s support for Tom Gabel: “I am incredibly happy for her”

NOFX singer and sex dungeon enthusiast Fat Mike (aka Mike Burkett) has told FL that he is “incredibly happy” for Against Me! singer Tom Gabel, and fully supports his ex-labelmate’s decision to start living as a woman called Laura Jane Grace.

While bands such as The Gaslight Anthem were more articulate in their support of Gabel when he went public with his transgender identity in May, Burkett joked about the matter on Twitter:

Many in the punk community were confused by his stance, however Burkett assured FL that while his comments were glib, he is fully supportive of Gabel’s decision: “I actually just texted her last night and I am incredibly happy for her. You know, I live in San Francisco and I know quite a few transgender people, so for me it’s not that shocking. It was just a matter of time before someone I knew in the punk scene did it. I think it s great and I’m just happy about how supportive the whole scene has been to her.”

Speaking to FL as part of our new “In The Firing Line” series of hard-hitting interviews, Burkett also fessed up about his alter-ego Cokey The Clown, revealed just how close NOFX came to selling out and gave a (grossly) detailed description of what he really keeps in his infamous sex dungeon. The full interview will be published this week.

NOFX release their 12th studio album Self Entitled on September 14.

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