Fat Mike fesses up about Cokie incident

In the biggest plot twist since Bruce Willis turned out to be a ghost, Fat Mike has released a video revealing that he did not really serve fans tequila watered down with his own urine, during the infamous ‘Cokie The Clown’ gig at SXSX.

The video comes two months after Mike was banned for life from a Texan venue and put under investigation by the Austin Health Department for apparently tricking friends and fans into drinking his urine during a performance as ‘Cokie The Clown’ at SXSW.

The show, which also saw Fat Mike regale his audience with stories of ‘milking’ female groupies and assisiting in his mother’s suicide, left many NOFX fans and media questioning Mike’s state of mind.

Speaking to about the incident last month, Mike was still keeping up the faí§ade stating ” looked into the legality of it. Seemed like I wouldn’t get sued. It didn’t seem like anyone was too bummed anyway. If you look at kids reactions after they found out about the shots, no one was too bummed, just kind of shocked.”

It seems, as usual, Fat Mike is having the last laugh though. The video, posted by Fat Wreck Chords on youtube yesterday, clearly shows footage caught on a second camera of the singer swapping the urine tainted tequila for a new bottle.

You can check out the ‘urine swap’ here: