Fasterlouder’s Holiday Ho-Down @ Bar 32, Canberra, (13/12/08)

Fasterlouder’s Holiday Ho-Down at Bar 32 helped Canberra’s music lovers and “darlings” of the local music scene celebrate the fast approaching festive season and there was plenty to be jolly about. Deck the bar with tinsel and Fasterlouder posters tralla la la la la la la la laaa!

Variodiver’s Justin Huehn opened the evening solo to entertain the early or more correctly on time arrivals. As the band aids and FL invitees trickled through the door, there was less room to move in the bar when The Cherry Marines played experimentally to a tipsy audience. The music wasn’t the only thing putting a smile on their faces as FL was getting into the spirit of giving, offering invitees free Slate Blended Bourbon and Guinness until stocks lasted and last they did until just after midnight. The door biatches occasionally let in unlisted people but only if they were good looking. We discriminate but luckily for most people, we have low standards.

While the DJs filled in between sets, FL was asking the patrons some tricky questions for the chance to enter a lucky dip loaded with giveaways, including some cracking 2008 albums, FL t-shirts and stubby holders, and the good old Christmas bon bons. While some recipients were delighted with their gifts others were being quite naughty and ungrateful but Santa will catch up with them later.

The Ho-Down was being helped along by The Magic Hands front man Tim (trying not to look like he’s in a band but does) climbing all over the place to get closer to his synthesizist, Andy, who confused a few people by playing behind the bar instead of the floor stage. The crowd was ho-ing down along side Tim and having a bloody fantastic time. Of course, we couldn’t hardly believe how amazing the line up for the evening was as Using Three Words was still to come. So fantastic was this party that even Blaine’s 21st birthday party guests came downstairs to ho it down in the bar.

Apparently one Guinness was worth 3.6 standard drinks and given the empty Slate bottles scattered around the place, it wasn’t surprising to see that everyone was looking like nothing could ruin this evening. Using Three Words had everyone’s attention as Dan followed Tim’s lead, making himself visible to all by standing dangerously on unstable tables, taking a breather on the couch and getting among the crowd who enthusiastically nodded their heads to the rocking tunes. The boys rocked out to end the show but by no means the end of the party, as it was time for Shakedown to begin.

The bands hung around and went a bit nuts when Shakedown DJs’ took over, mistaking the bar for the dance floor. Prima facie the muso snobs snubbed the magical Ema’s choice to play The Veronicas but they secretly loved it and sang along to the painfully high pitched chorus “let me show you all the things that we could do”. I was certainly singing it to all the ridiculously good looking men, boys, emos and side swept hair in the room. It was hard not to look like a groupie with so many industry people around. Among the special guests were members from Switch 3 and The Casual Projects, as well as the Megafauna festival organisers who were all pretty handsome.

Well we can thank Bar 32 for the decorative tinsel but it’s truly a shame but oh such fun that it was completely torn apart by the end of the evening and among the wreckage were FL posters and stickers scattered absolutely everywhere.

Ahem, I’d just like to say a few words if I may, a massive thank you to the bands that volunteered their time to perform, the Bar 32 people, the FL team (which happens to include me – shucks) and a special thanks to our fearless leader and super woman, k-rad. But most fantastic of them all were the FL members and randoms that rocked up to make the Ho-Down a cheery and jolly good finish to the year. Stay safe and see you in 2009. X