Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum: “The new album goes back to our roots”

Faith No More ’s Roddy Bottum has shone more light on what fans can expect when the band release their first new album in 18 years this May.

Speaking with FL ahead of the band’s headline performance at Soundwave Festival, the keyboardist explained that all that time between albums had made the band more introspective. “I would say that it really does go back to out roots, and really gothic – it’s really sort of in the dark and there’s a lot of sombre tones on it”, he said. “I get gut instincts from simple stripped down sounds, when we do that successfully,” he continued, “and for me there is a lot of those moments on the record. Like, not as dense as the place that we usually go and there’s a lot of places with a really simple instrumentation and pianos – there is a lot of pianos – and a lot of really, concise smart lyrics that can be heard and understood. And those sort of places on the record are the strongest for me.”

He also revealed that many of the lyrics are about the band. ”[Mike Patton] has done a super super, great job; I’m a huge fan of his lyrics I love what he does lyrically. There are some really fun word play that he does, and there is a lot of referencing of us as a core group.”

For a long time after Faith No More reformed they were adamant that they were never going to record but as Bottum revealed, boredom eventually got the better of them. “We got really bored with what we were doing,” he admitted. “And we also felt like there are a whole lot of people out there who look to us to be inspired and encouraged by what we do artistically. So to be doing old songs on a big stage with a lot of people watching over and over – it felt kind of cheap and easy and a little too safe of a place to be. That’s not who we are. We’ve always pushed buttons and we’ve always rubbed against the grain and we’ve always challenged things”.

Faith No More’s first new album in 18 years Sol Invictus will be released on May 15 via the band’s own imprint Reclamation Recordings. Produced by bassist Billy Gould, the LP features the previously released ‘Motherfucker’ and with Faith No More confirmed to play Soundwave Festival in February 2015 Australian fans will be among the first in the world to hear songs from the new album.

The full interview with Roddy Bottum – in which he discusses what makes Faith No More tick, the new record and what to expect at Soundwave 2015 – will be published in full on FL this week.