Faith No More live on Chatroulette

Faith No More has surprised nerds the world over by broadcasting live from the stage at Melbourne’s Soundwave show.

Through an onstage laptop the band streamed the entire show via webcam on social networking/porn portal Chatroulette. The results of the Chatroulette sessions were projected onto the big screen so that punters could see the reactions of the unsuspecting Chatroulette users.

According to reports on Twitter some of the instant celebrities seen by the sold-out Soundwave crowd included “a grandpa playing guitar” and “2 guys whacking off and another using a penis pump” – welcome to the main stage boys!

Understandably the clips proved to be a little distracting to the band, with Chatroulette aficionado Mike Patton making fun of the random users who immediately logged out when they discovered a cheering mass of Soundwave punters on their screen rather than the hoped for naked Russian girl. Bassist Billy Gould even took the time to wave into the camera and type a few replies to some of the unsuspecting Chatrouletters.