Exclusive stream: Lisa Mitchell’s ‘Bless This Mess’

What next?

This was the predicament Lisa Mitchell found herself in following the release of 2009 debut Wonder; an album that won the Australian Music Prize for 2010, surpassing the artists’ expectations, but also blocking her creatively.

A copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron fixed that, and Mitchell soon found herself in a studio out in Gisborne, Victoria, with producer Dann Hume at the helm. “There was no real hurry so we could let our imaginations go crazy and get lost in it,” says Mitchell. “Our phones had little reception so we felt like we were in this country hideaway, a step removed from reality.”

The result is Bless This Mess, an album big on anthemic vocals and rousing sing-alongs, which is exclusively streaming now on FL ahead of its release this Friday (October 12). The album features first single ‘Spiritus’ and guest contributions from Clare Bowditch, Jordan Wilson (Georgia Fair) and Yeo Choong (YEO). “I guess I wanted to capture that feeling of human chaos and community, as if hordes of people were hanging off the ceiling, singing and yelling joyously together,” Mitchell explains.

She says she also enjoyed teaming up again with Hume, who worked on most of Wonder. “He brings space between me and the songs – he’s the middle man/shaman in between. It’s a real gift to work with him as he’s not only a producer, but a musician and beautiful songwriter in his own right.”