Exclusive: One Great Night On Earth “It will be gobsmacking”

In December, if all goes to plan, an expected audience of between 80,000 and 100,000 punters will make their way to the You-Yangs in Victoria to witness a twelve hour lineup of classic rock acts at the inaugural One Great Night On Earth festival.

This is more than just another music festival though; it’s the beginning of a huge movement that aims to raise over $15 million dollars each year to help people affected by natural disasters. The festival’s Project Director, Lyndel Moore, explained to FasterLouder that “We want to instil in people that at the core of this thing is a message. That is the most important thing… I’m proud that this will be a global movement in a couple of years and it will have started in a mountain range in Australia.”

While we can’t reveal any lineup secrets just yet, Moore boasts that with the assistance of the London booking agency that put together the Led Zeppelin reunion at the O2 Arena in 2007 the festival has put together a lineup that features some “amazing players” who haven’t been seen in Australia for many years.

The festival may have started live as a Moore’s idea, but the festival’s Director of Production Chip Monck – the legendary lighting and staging guru with a resume that includes Monterey Pop Festival, seven years touring with the Rolling Stones and the ‘Brown Acid’ speech at Woodstock – has been pivotal in helping to secure acts for the lineup.

Moore told FL that “Via getting involved with Chip and his alliances worldwide what we’ve ended up doing is creating this thing that’s going to be quite gob-smacking. But the last thing we want to do is beat our chests and go “watch out world! Look what’s about to happen” because at the core of this project is the fund raising element. One of the biggest stimuli for Chip was the fact was that he was the staging director for George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden. He said that that was the first big fund raising project he worked on but sadly the funds that were raised by the show were held by the IRS in America for eleven years. And he said “I want another crack at it I want to do it right”. He is the most phenomenal character; he’s a cranky old shit at times but he’s every bit the genius that I imagined him to be before I met him and via his involvement a whole lot of other people have come to the table. ”

FL reported on the festival’s ambitious plans last month and now Moore has spoken to FL at length about the One Great Night One Earth’s aims, development and even gave us few little hints about the lineup.

The lineup:

We have a twelve hour format. We’ll be running from noon to midnight with a warm-up band before midday. There’ll be roughly twelve acts – some of those will be cameos and some will be longer than a one hour set.

A couple will do a tour out side of the festival under the One Great night on Earth banner – really no different to Byron Bay touring. We try to give our artists some benefit to making it all this way to do this thing for nothing so they can play some sideshows. They are retro classic rock acts so a lot of them haven’t been here for a while so we think it would be a bummer if we kept them exclusively within Victoria. It would be a shame if people around the country didn’t get a chance to check the acts out. There are some amazing players doing this thing!

“There are some amazing players doing this thing!”

Originally we were looking at presenting an Aboriginal all stars band. That was touted a long time ago. The tribe that are hosts to the event are the Wathaurong Tribe and they asked us to do a welcome to land which we’ll do, but the talk of an all-star act was in the early stages of the planning before it really got cracking with international booking agents so I doubt that will happen now.

The part of the lineup that has attracted the most attention is the mention that the festival will feature “one of the world’s most amazing and iconic 60s acts out of the U.S. reformed on stage at One Great Night on Earth [for the] first the first time in over 40 years” and that the singer will be “resurrected” on stage. Can you tell us anything about this? There’s been a bit of speculation that it might be The Doors.

It’s not The Doors. I was in the States and I met with a guy out of Ohio who was the first holographic technologist to actually produce multi-holographs over different cities at the one time. And Chip’s always had a fascination for holographic technology. This guy sent us an image called a Pepper’s Ghost which is something that he’s been fine-tuning for a number of years. He came to us and said “how about we do this on your stage in year one? And resurrect a famous lead singer?” We all agreed that if it was cheesy there was no way we were going to do it, and if it couldn’t be done beautifully that we would also avoid it like the plague.

We may not do it. Originally we thought we’d need some ground breaking piece because we didn’t quite know the full ilk of our lineup, but at this stage we don’t know if we can fit it in. If it doesn’t happen in year one it will definitely happen in year two, but we don’t want to do it if it can’t be done right.

[For several reasons FasterLouder can’t reveal which act the festival is planning to present in holographic form, but trust us – what Lyndel told us is incredibly impressive.]

2Pac shows off the hologram technology at Coachella:

This is a little “How much Brown Acid did they take?” A holographic lead singer and it might not fit on the bill because the lineup is too impressive to squeeze in a holographically reincarnated lead singer?!

In all honesty it was the plan to find a bunch of kick arse artists and let’s make it great, but let’s do something that will just blow people away. It just got to the point were we thought “we need to do it because it’s amazing” and then the booking agent out of London said, we hate to rain on your parade but considering the artists that we are speaking to and have confirmed do you want to do that because it may detract from the big lineup that we’re bringing you.

It was something that we were definitely going to do and we probably will do but it won’t happen until year two now.

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