Escape The Fate, Pierce The Veil, Buried In Verona @ UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney (30/04/2011)

The openers were Sydney-siders Buried In Verona, they were heaviest of the three bands that played on the night. Buried in Verona are a six piece metal band, 3 Guitars, a lead vocalist, a bassist and a percussionist. Although they were not headlining on the night, their set was clearly refined to compete with the two international bands on the bill.

All three guitars managed to stay immaculately in time throughout the set whilst still maintaining a quite energetic performance. The lead vocalist retained clarity while pumping out adrenaline to the extent that the audience really started getting in to it whether they had heard the music before or not. The percussionist was incredibly tight providing a perfect rhythmic base for the band to keep time to. The bass player knew how to keep the energy up while keeping time with the rest of the band which added to the overall performance of the set. All three guitarists took turns in doing some more melodic quick riffs, harmonies and leads while at least one would continue playing an intense rhythm. One of the guitarists was also the clean vocalist for the band which made the band come across to seem as if they could not only play the heaviest music on the night but also mix that with some more melodic styles which was somewhat more similar to the bands that would proceed.

Although it was clear that a majority of the crowd weren’t attending to see Buried In Verona, they certainly knew what they were doing while still having a sense of modesty about them. I’m sure people who had not heard of them before will more than likely check them out after such a great performance which definitely gave the following bands something to try out do in reference to their precision.

Pierce the Veil were the next band in the line-up, at this point in time the Roundhouse was pretty full including the upper balcony. The pre-recorded intro was played, which got the crowd excited and ready to watch Pierce the Veil play their catchy tunes. As the intro ended the band started getting on stage, the last on the stage was the vocalist who got onto some speakers and jumped off as the drummer started playing the first song. All members of the band were energetic which seemed to affect the crowd as at times, the crowd was as loud, if not, louder than the vocalist. When the vocalist started talking to the crowd all one could hear was the droning whine of young girls screaming over how attractive he was.

The further the set progressed the more impressive it became, the high register vocals along with the short guitar fills were executed incredibly, not once did the vocalist go out of pitch even while jumping around the stage in attempt to get the audience moving.

Perhaps one of the most memorable parts of the concert was when the vocalist said “Australia is home to the most beautiful girls, you guys are so lucky” this was possibly the loudest cheer of the night in attempt for all of the young teenage girls trying to get him to notice them. Shortly after the vocalist announced “We don’t usually do this but we’re going to bring a fan up on stage and sing to them”. The screaming of the teenage girls continued to fill The Roundhouse until the vocalist hand-picked a girl named “Sophie”. She was quite obviously a Pierce the Veil fan wearing her jumpsuit with Pierce the Veil written all over it. The band proceeded to sing to Sophie as she was almost in tears.

A high percentage of the crowd was quite easily manipulated by the vocalist and were almost like his slaves. The last song, possibly their most renowned song was Caraphernelia with the whole crowd chanting the chorus almost everyone jumping up and down throughout most of the song. An amazing amount of energy was shown by most of the crowd through this song whether or not Pierce the Veil were the band that they had come to see.

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