Enter Shikari @ The Hifi, Melbourne (27/01/2008)

The Amity Affliction bolted from the gates early in support of trancecore boys Enter Shikari. Keyboard induced rhythms from Trad elevated The Amity Affliction’s thunderous sound, appealing to many of the kids witnessing the band’s high-intensity presence. Ringing guitars from Chris and Troy echoed across the floor, ascending Joel’s vocal dexterity in tracks like –  “I Heart Throbsy’ and the thrashing of skins, courtesy of Ryan. The Amity Affliction was an empowering entrance to greet our UK friends.

“Stop taking the p—s!” You gotta give it to these boys from ol’ London Town. While one might think that Enter Shikari is literally taking the p—s out of ravers everywhere, many agree that the band is on a winner. Doing the unthinkable by underscoring their aggressive hardcore presence with trance samples, Enter Shikari has broken through with a concept that has won them droves of fans. So it was only expected that the phenomenon of Enter Shikari scored a place on this year’s Big Day Out tour, coinciding with their sideshow for Melbourne fans at the Hifi.

Enter Shikari immediately packed every ounce of effort into an hour-long set. With a flick of the switch, Enter Shikari stormed the stage as drummer Rob dived straight into the unexpected crowd – head-first. Rob clawed his way back up to the stage to take his cue behind his kit, only after assuring a security guard he was, in fact, in the band. And this is exactly what Enter Shikari is all about – kids having fun. It’s plain and simple, and it works!

Bassist Chris showed his love for Aussie sayings, busting out phrases such as “stop cracking the sh-ts” and “stop taking the p—s” to the roar of an elated audience. And this was the reason why punters paid their ticket price to see. Fans expected a show bursting with thrills, giggles and spills, and they were rewarded ten-fold. Enter Shikari launched into anthems from their album Take To The Skies, including –  “Mothership’, –  “Return To Energiser’ and –  “Enter Shikari’ as all hell broke loose on the dancefloor. Rather than being a choreographed display of kick-boxing nonsense, fans lashed out by moshing, head-banging and punching the air as torches from Rory’s guitar and Chris’ bass spotlighted the room.

The crowd went wild from lashings of breakdowns, sharp shout-out choruses from Rou and Rob’s rave dancing which later expanded into a sh-t-stirring routine with his partner in crime, Chris. Beats –  “n grooves rung out from speakers while Chris and Rob broke out many amusing moves such as big-box-little-box, rolling the dice and a high-kneed can-can. It was side-splitting fun to the rhythm of powerful hardcore structures, fuelling many punters with a sense that their money was definitely well spent.

–  “OK, time for Pan B’ rumbled through the Hifi and punters pounded the air with their fists. A bull-horned salute to –  “Jonny Sniper’ naturally emerged and the crowd clapped along to the addictive guitar angles in Enter Shikari’s flagship track –  “Sorry, you’re not a winner’. It was a sweat-drenched show teaming with fun, antics and good tunes; a set which showed that Enter Shikari can “harden the f—k up” and play non-stop. As much as it all sounded – at times – a little too rehearsed, Enter Shikari proved that they nailed fun in the guts after ringing the sweat out of their t-shirts and the results were mind-bending.

You can check out the photos from this show here courtesy of atomic.