End of Fashion – Rough Diamonds

Perth music has a fairly generic sound; it’s upbeat, catchy and somewhat cheerful, even in it’s most angsty of moments. Physical distance from the rest of the country has left the people of Perth with an air of nonchalance and optimism, a spirit which echoes in the music produced in this city.

End of Fashion is no exception to the rule. The band, partially comprised of former members of The Sleepy Jackson, have put together a debut EP which deserves all the congratulations it will get – it is clever, catchy and energetic.

Vocalist Justin possesses a vocal range to rival the most seasoned of musicians, and the rest of the band produces a sound so tight, it is difficult to believe they have been playing for less than a year in their current line up. There are, of course, standout moments on the EP – Rough Diamonds and Anything Goes demonstrate the essence of PerthPop – upbeat guitars and lyrics and powerful drumming, and particularly in the title track, an ability to make it through bad situations with upbeat optimism.

The use of a voice filter on Be Like That sends the listener to a time before the noughties, of wailing guitar solos and pained vocals, and sounds not unlike a live recording for this; it’s beautiful, yet holds a deeper sadness. Finally, She’s Love closes off the recording with a return to the upbeat style of the opening two tracks, resulting in a diverse, yet compact, and somewhat excellent debut recording.

The people of Perth have known for a long time that their local music scene offers something special; it really doesn’t get much better than this. Anyone who has not heard this band, or seen them live, should endeavour to do both. End of Fashion are able to replicate their sound into the live show, with a thousand times the energy and without losing an ounce of the spirit of this debut recording. End of Fashion are a band that deserve to go a long way.