Emperors get Big Pink support

Local band Emperors have just landed the coveted local support slot for the upcoming The Big Pink show at Capitol on 3 March. Since appearing on the scene just a short time ago, they have won the Triple J Unearthed competition and played at the Big Day Out and have generally been making a splash on the local scene. When the news about their most recent success broke, Fasterlouder hit Adam James up for the low down on their success.

Emperors have been attracting a lot of notice (and airplay) considering how recently the band formed, how did you do it so fast?

“We’ve been getting this question a lot! It is all happening quite quickly I guess, but we have put a lot of work into Emperors. Greg [Sanders] and I started writing about six months before putting the band together, making sure the songs were spot on, and then once the band was assembled we spent a good four months practicing so that we were ready to gig. We had a definite plan in place, where we would have a high quality recording of something before we started gigging. That recording was the song Favourite Colours, which we’ve been lucky enough to have had a generous amount of airplay from. I guess at the end of the day we’ve been very lucky so far, but we’ve also put a lot of work in so I guess to a certain extent you try to give yourself the best chance to be lucky. Does that even make sense?”

You are comprised of several other band’s members, what effect does that have on this band?

“The biggest effect is that because most of us have all played together before in some form, there was already a bit of chemistry before we started. We all had an idea of what we were capable of.”

What does that mean for the other bands? Are they on hold/will they be assimilated/run in tandem?

“It’s hard to say at the moment – but we are all certainly focusing pretty hard on Emperors. Nobody is doing too much in terms of other projects.”

How do you feel about supporting the Big Pink?

“To be supporting a really great international band this early on is an amazing opportunity! I grew up in England and have always had a soft spot for that huge British sound so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Any plans for a national tour? EP release… other stuff?

“We’ve just spent two weeks in Blackbird Studios with Dave Parkin doing some recording. Whether it’s an EP or an album it will definitely be out this year, and yeah we will be doing some touring as well. It’s just a question of timing it right.”

Hopes? Dreams? Embarassing stories?

“I won’t pretend we don’t want to rule the world.”