Elora Danan

Elora Danan is the next batch of lively musicians to be pumped out of Perth and into the thriving Australian music scene. Not only do they breathe the West Coast aesthetic, hell-bent on delivering decent tracks through tight-knit camaraderie, Elora Danan scream a dedication that is true to independent music-making.

The band’s latest single Door, Up, Elevator brings the heavy back into the equation. If their appearances with the likes of Carpathian, Mindsnare, I Killed The Prom Queen and, recently, Unwritten Law are anything to go by, then fans will no doubt be itching for the band’s debut long-player to drop early next year.

Vocalist George Green gave FasterLouder a sneak-peak into what’s been happening...and indulges in more than a little cheekiness.

First and foremost, how did the Unwritten Law tour go for you guys? I missed seeing you on the Melbourne leg as I heard you were sick. What happened?

Yeah, thanks for bringing that up. Well I am vegan, and therefore have a weak immune system, and am prone to getting sick a lot. I think because I am also a strong atheist – karma is paying me back by making me sick only when the band is on tour. Either that or because we never eat anything other than Mi Goreng and get three hours of sleep a night when we’re on the road. Apart from that, the shows were fully sick, ay mate.

Your newest single Door, Up, Elevator is now doing the rounds. How has the single been going out there in MySpace land? Can you run us through what the song is about and what it represents to Elora Danan?

Well, basically the song is inspired by elevator music, and the etiquette that goes on in elevators. I am fascinated by the fact that when people step into an elevator they no longer talk to each other, and they stare at the floor. As soon as people step into a machine, they become machines themselves, so the song is about the human to machine paradox. And as for the song on MySpace, it’s doing fully sick, ay mate.

Elora Danan’s debut album In The Room Up There is scheduled to be released in February. Can you walk us through the album and the creative process behind it? Apparently the tracks are the –  “heaviest songs [you’ve] ever written’.

Well, the songs are the heaviest tracks that we as a band have ever written. We make Meshuggah look like Katy fucking Perry, but the record itself contains more influences than just being brutally heavy. We went back into the musical past and got a lot of inspiration from the –  “80s, which was probably the best era of music ever. We love the electro-synth proggy era of the –  “80s, so the album has a lot of similarities to –  “80s bands like The Cure, New Order, The Galvatrons and Van She. The last two are probably the best bands ever to come out of the –  “80s and possibly the history of the universe. They are fully sick, ay mate.

There is mention on your MySpace page in regards to the artwork for your debut album: –  “visual imagery plays a massive part in the musical landscape’. How did Elora Danan keep focused on the tunes? Sometimes bands have killer artwork but the tunes tend to lack integrity in the creative stakes...

So you’ve heard of *The Galvatrons? And as for creative stakes, I don’t care how creative you get with them, I’m vegan and I won’t eat it.

Can you give us an insight into what it was like working with Adam Spark? It must’ve been easy working with a mate? Did his Birds Of Tokyo-esque skills rub off onto you in any way?

Well, there was a lot of rubbing off going on, but we won’t go into that too much. That guy is a machine. He really knows what he’s doing, and you know when a guy who has orange hair grows a beard, that he’s exuding self-confidence. That’s ultimately the most important thing when looking for a producer. Orange beards.

How have things been going since Elora Danan released the debut EP We All Have Secrets via Boomtown last year? Have the Boomtown crew been treating you well?

Fuck no. Those guys have been making us fold all of The Getaway Plan’s washing and doing their homework. It’s almost like they are the cow, and we are the milk bucket. And I don’t even drink milk....I’m vegan.

Do you have any further exciting plans lined up for 2009 that we should know about?

Well Matt’s going to Rottnest in WA and will be getting a Hyundai Getz, Jay will be undertaking a new plan in which he will be slightly less financially unstable than he was in 2008 and he will be touring with his new rap group JAY-Z NUTZ, Ryan will be avoiding tattooing anyone in Elora Danan, and writing his very first novel, Homosexuals – Behind The Glasses, Tim will be joining a new band called The Galvatrons, so will therefore be getting a gay haircut, wearing elf shoes, and singing like George Michael, and will also be nominating for the pre-season draft with hopes of being drafted to Sydney, Isaac will be getting a motorbike to feel the wind through his hair, but will suffer severe brain damage when he crashes whilst not wearing a helmet, and I will still be vegan.

Elora Danan’s single Door, Up, Elevator is out now through Boomtown Records, with their debut album In The Room Up There due in early 2009.