Elora Danan make an exit

There comes a time when all bands say goodbye. Whether it be from in-band brawls, creative differences or from just plain having enough of –  “the biz’ there will always be a departure. Who would have thought that so soon after fellow label mates The Getaway Plan and In Fiction called it quits, that young and dynamic six-piece Elora Danan, who’d only just released their first full length album In the Room Up There towards the end of 2008 would be a part of this. In a neutral statement to fans and supporters in May the members of Elora Danan declared:

“To everyone who has ever heard our band.

This is probably very unexpected for you all, and as hard as it would be to digest it is even harder to write. But, we have come to a decision that Elora Danan will no longer be making music together.

We all know how this is coming across, especially in the wake of The Getaway Plan’s break up but we can all assure you that this is for real. The reason we are letting you all know now is that this will be the last time we play the East Coast and we want you all to know and be a part of it.

We’ve accomplished more in three years than we could’ve ever imagined, and we are glad that we were given the opportunity to create music for so many people.

So, most importantly we’d all like to say thank you to anyone who’s ever come out to a show, bought a CD or said hey.

It’s thanks to you all that we were able to make it this far… further than we’d ever thought.”

To top off their three-year-short careers they are playing four last shows in September around Perth with special guests, City Escape, Break Even and We Are the Emergency.

Live Together, Die Alone Tour dates

Thursday 10 September

Prince of Wales, Bunbury 18+ (We Are the Emergency not appearing)

Friday 11 September

Rosemount Hotel, North Perth 18+

Saturday 12 September

Players Bar, Mandurah 18+ (With Speak of Sirens, South of the City)

Sunday 13`September

The Vault, Melville AA (Also with Bridge the Gap and Surrender)