Eliza Doolittle – Eliza Doolittle

The UK’s latest offering of quirky female pop comes in the form of 22 year old singer songwriter Eliza Doolittle. Hopping on the bandwagon set by Kate Nash and Lily Allen, (and to an extent Ms Katy Perry). If this album was any happier, cutesy or full of smiles, I could have swore that I was about to have overdose on rainbows, bubblegum and unicorns.

Songs such as the opening track, Moneybox, give the listener a carefree idea of the young singer, who bursts with enthusiasm and happiness. On the other hand, songs further down the track like A Smokey Room are laced with tinges of jazz and soul, kind of like underground cafe music.

The catchy Skinny Genes, gets right under your skin (in a good way) with it’s quirky, (and at times sexy) lyrics. It’s absolutely bursting with zest. It’s when Doolittle breaks into the chorus, and the background whistling begins, that you can’t help but tap your feet to the beat and nod your head. It will become Doolittle’s Summer anthem, and no doubt her biggest hit at her shows.

Mr Medicine is equal catchy, Doolittle hitting all the high notes with ease and charm, but once again, the obvious of Lily Allen echoes throughout this song. 50’s bop comes across well in Pack Up (a little gem on this debut) and sombre ballads are a nice change of pace in So High.

A criticism of the album is that a couple of the songs feel like space fillers. It’s about two or three songs too long, sitting at thirteen tracks in total. The final two songs, Police Car and Empty Hand could have easily been from this album and released as B-Sides.

Eliza Doolittle is a wonderful songwriter, singer and performer, who despite her obvious influences manages to bring something fresh to the table. However, I really don’t think this will be the kind of album you’ll be wanting to listen to when the cold of Winter hits in 2011, it’s just a little too happy for its own good, and won’t suit gray skyed days. Listen now before the sun sets on Summer time.