Elefant Traks signee B Wise lets us in on the wisdom behind ‘Semi-Pro’

Photo by McLean Stephenson

Joining the esteemed Elefant Traks roster, Sydney rapper B Wise has been making waves in the past year on the stage and in the studio. Fresh from commanding showings at BIGSOUND, B Wise has today dropped his debut EP Semi-Pro. To celebrate its release, we got B Wise to give us a track by track rundown of each of the record’s five cuts. Check it out below, and listen to the EP in full.

‘No Questions’

This was the first song I recorded for the EP. I originally intended for it to be the outro. Being my first body of work but not exactly a full album, I thought, what’s the best way I can give people a crash course of ‘B Wise’ in one track? Dopamine – who produced the whole EP, originally wanted to replicate a track with a sick drop like we did on our previous single ‘Lately’ but the keys on this song set the tone that I was going to open up and get personal. This was a song I really needed to get off my chest, and the rest is in the words.



‘Smile’ was a song about optimism. No matter how much life takes a crap on you (AND IT DOES), sometimes you just got to suck it up and own the situation even if it’s out of your control. You can start to take some control back by the way you approach each day. Have you ever heard the theory if you smile for 30 seconds straight for no reason it triggers a reduction in stress enhancing hormones and increases your good mood? Try it, it really works.


‘Risk It’

This was the last track I recorded on the EP and it totally came from a fun place. Dopamine & I spent a couple months locked up in a smokey studio room just working and not really doing anything else. This was just a vibe of celebration, and wanting to get out and do some reckless shit we would probably regret the next day. I think we may of that night, I can’t really remember. But, I’m sure I was able to document those feelings and experiences into this wavy tune. The beat was such a vibe, so I had to really bring the energy.


‘Drugs & Drama’

Hands down this is my favourite song on the EP. This came from a real place, and I feel it was necessary to talk about. It wasn’t until some one close to me kind of hit pause and wanted me to realise, the people and things already around you that supported you to this place are what’s real, and everything else is just a vice or a con of being in the music business. Don’t forget who you are or why you started doing this before you even take off. It really hit home and the next couple of days I laid the song down.


‘Roll Call’

A vibe just to announce my arrival to the music game. I’m here now and intend to be here for some time, and I’m not alone. I’m bringing the whole team with me…

Semi Pro is out now through Elefant Traks.