Electric Mary @ Revolver, Melbourne (20/9/2008)

Something about the Revolver bandroom screams dirty rock ‘n’ roll, so it’s no surprise that Electric Mary chose the venue for their End of Tour gig. They’d just finished up supporting Judas Priest on their Australian tour, and were still on quite a high by the look of it.

Supporting Electric Mary on this particular night were The Violent Flames and Six Shooter. TVF had me tapping my foot in time to the music. Their drummer was highly entertaining, with a rather manic look on his face throughout the set. At the end of the gig, they gave out free EPs, which, for a band not very well-known, is a good way of gaining fans, Everyone loves free stuff.

Six Shooter were decent-sounding, but the obligatory crowd crush started as soon as they left the stage, with everyone vying for the best spot in the house. (In hindsight, the front may not have been the best place to be, but more on that later.) At around 11.40pm, Electric Mary hit the stage, vocalist Rusty getting up after the band played their intro. Unfortunately the vocals weren’t easy to hear over the volume of the rest of the band, and I spent a good chunk of their set with my head down, because of the blinding white stage lights. What I did hear, however, was awesome, and the crowd reactions were just what Rusty wanted. They finished with an epic 19-minute song, and left the stage to cheers and applause. It seems that while Rusty is still kickin’, the band will keep playing and the crowds will keep cheering.