Electric Mary – loud and hard!

2003 was a watershed year for singer/songwriter Rusty B. Musical tastes around the world were changing daily and a fresh approach was what Rusty needed. So, he borrowed from the banks, packed himself a small suitcase and, with a friend, headed to New York.

The tourist thing lasted two days – the Dakota building, Central Park and everywhere in between. While sitting on a bench at the memorial for John Lennon (Strawberry Fields), listening to very bad buskers singing the songs of The Beatles and filling their guitar cases with hundreds of dollar bills, he realised what music had become – a money making machine with no heart and no soul.

The next few days were spent walking the streets of New York feeling and tasting another way of life. Then, a chance meeting at a gig saw Rusty hook up with Mary Campbell, legendary studio manager. An invitation was extended to visit Electric Lady Studios, the famous studio built and owned by Jimi Hendrix.

It was a pretty cold and wet New York day when he rang the door bell to the building that has seen some of the greatest music and musicians come in and out of. Down the steps and through a hallway he walked right into the middle of rock and roll history. Mary filled Rusty’s head with great tales of bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns’n’Roses, The Kinks, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder and Bad Company. He was in awe and felt very humble to be hanging out in such illustrious company, even if it all was history.

Standing in the live room of Studio A and feeling a great sense of joy, Mary asked Rusty: “Do you know what made all these bands – their ability to do what they did, with a soul?”

“Email me anytime,” she said, “that’s me at the bottom of the card, Electric [email protected]…”

“It certainly is,” said Rusty. And that was the name of the new band, with Mary’s blessing.

On the way home in the plane, with Mary’s words still ringing in his ears, Rusty decided to go back to what made him first want to play music – to make music that made him happy and hopefully. Then the rest would follow. He knew the people he wanted to help create the music and so April 14, 2003 saw the beginning of Electric Mary.

Get electrified as Electric Mary take centre stage this week with Tenpenny Joke, nevereleven and Dirty York.

Saturday October 7 – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne.