DZ Deathrays, Yacht Club DJs and Bleeding Knees Club Splendour warm-up shows

A trio of duos – Bleeding Knees Club, DZ Deathrays and Yacht Club DJs – have announced a pair of shows/debaunched mini-riots in July under the banner ‘Call The Cops’. It’s a basically just a bunch of mates throwing parties in Sydney and Melbourne to prepare for their Splendour bender and sets at Adelaide’s Spin Off Festival, but damn these show will be raucous!

Gareth Harrison and Guy Chappell-Lawrence will mash together everysong you’ve heard so far this year; Alex Wall and Jordan Malane will show off the catchy surf-punk of their debut albums Nothing To Do; while Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley smash through tracks from their Bloodstreams album and show why they’ve been booked to open shows for the likes of Foo Fighters, Crystal Castles and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

All three acts have also teamed up for a tour EP that will only be available at the shows which features a DZ Deathrays track, Bleeding Knees Club track and Yacht Club DJs remixes of both bands.

To make the shows even more mental there’s also local support from Drunk Mums in Melbourne and The Fabergettes in Sydney.

DZ Deathrays, Yacht Club DJs and Bleeding Knees Club shows:

Thursday 19th July – Corner Hotel

Friday 20th July – The Factory Theatre

Tickets on sale from Monday 28th May