Drake’s ‘Views’ has been out for a few hours, so is it a flop or a classic?

After nearly two years of anticipation, with two full-length mixtapes in between, Canadian superstar Drake has finally released Views (formerly known as Views From The 6) into the world. With such feverish anticipation, there’s only one thing to decide: is it a flop or a classic? You know there’s no in between. The world wants a dichotomous ruling, and it wants it now. We assigned the office’s two biggest Drake stans with the task of making the call, and making it quick. Here is what SINEAD STUBBINS and LACHLAN KANONIUK had to say on Views, track by track.

1. ‘Keep The Family Close’

Lachlan Kanoniuk: This sounds emotional. This is emotional Drake. I think this might be a classic already.

Sinead Stubbins: Did it start with a sound bite of the cold winds of Toronto? Tight metaphor.

LK: It sounded pretty cold, with a faint hint of poutine in the air. This sounds like a Jame Bond theme. Can Drake be the next Bond?

SS: He said he wanted to go back to acting! And that Jamie Foxx told him to “wait for the right project”. Maybe this is about being rejected in auditions.

LK: Wait I’ve got it. OV007. Wait, that’s not that funny.

SS: Funny enough to keep it in.This sounds very Take Care-y.

2. ‘9’

LK: Nine. It’s like an upside down six. Think about it.

SS: Why does he always talk about dying for Toronto, no-one needs him to do that. LACHY YOU PREDICTED THAT LYRIC!

LK: Amazing. Classic.

SS: I don’t know if that means you’re a really good writer or if Drake really isn’t good.

LK: Classic if the latter, flop if the former.

SS: Classic I reckon.

3. ‘U With Me?’

SS: First up, what a classically Drake title for a song.

LK: OH IS THIS AN ANSWERING MACHINE DRAKE SONG? Oh, no answer. Never mind.”L-O-L-O-L I’m glad you find that shit amusing”, I tend to just go with lollll rather than double the Os.

SS: Why is he so mad. I feel bad for the girl who walked in the kitchen naked while his friends were there. YAY SINGING DRAKE.

LK: Happy Meal line is extremely corny. Not even good corny.

SS: Agreed, also “corny” is the worst thing you could call a rapper. Okay, as soon as he gets mad the song is redeemed.

LK: Agreed.

4. ‘Feel No Ways’

SS: What is this beat! What year is this!

LK: Feeling it.

SS: I love when musicians are nostalgic for times they didn’t exist in. I can imagine Drake in like a Miami Vice all white suit singing this song.

LK: Toronto Vice.

SS: Oh shit, this album is just an audition reel.

5. ‘Hype’

LK: Huge ‘Started From The Bottom’ vibes. I think these are rhyming septuplets.

SS: “Views already a classic” huge if true.

LK: We’ll be the judge of that, Aubrey.

6. ‘Weston Road Flows’

SS: Do we feel uncomfortable with the fact that Drake sometimes speaks with a Jamaican accent now?

LK: This is a good song about talking about your feelings with your mates.

SS: I heard that ‘Feelings With Your Mates’ was the alternate title. HE’S RETIRING AT 35?? DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT?

LK: Same tbh. As in, I’m retiring at 35.

SS: We work for #youth content sites, that goes without saying.

LK: Is this Drake’s first Vince Carter reference?

SS: Not enough singing so far, tbh.

LK: Potential flop on our hands.

7. ‘Redemption’


LK: Very Take Care Drake.

SS: I think that is kind of my ideal Drake.

LK: This is quite beautiful. But I think we’re running out of time to decide on this album’s classic status. Skip.

8. ‘With You’


LK: Is this just a PartyNextDoor song. Oh, there’s Drake. This is sick.

SS: Agreed. Skip. We’ve decided.

LK: Was that Jeremih in the mix?

9. ‘Faithful’

SS: Is this a Fatman Scoop spin off? Oh, that was ‘Be Faithful’, never mind.  Every time Drake uses a woman’s voice I get nervous that he didn’t clear it with her first.

LK: This bass is deep. Perhaps too deep for the cheap meeting room speakers we’re listening with.

SS: I thought my ears were blocked. Drake being vindictive and upset at ladies. Classic Drake.

10. ‘Still Here’

LK: There are a lot of songs on this album.

SS: “Still here”.

LK: Is Drake biting Joaquin Phoenix?

SS: Ooooh this good. I feel like this song was made in a similar headspace to ‘Hotline Bling’. Lotta drawn out sentences and weird pacing. And like, bitterness.

LK: That breakdown is weird, but works. Also I think we are breaking these speakers with the bass.

11. ‘Controlla’

LK: People are mad online that Popcaan’s verse got cut from this.

SS: Like, fair enough. Drake’s not the only rapper to rip off dancehall either, haha.

LK: Still a jam.

SS: Correct.

12. ‘One Dance’


LK: Yep. Next!

13. ‘Grammys’

SS: Lame name for a song.

LK: It’s like he wrote ‘Trophies’ then thought months later “I don’t think the metaphor’s cutting through.”

SS: This kind of just sounds like a B-Side from the What A Time To Be Alive sessions. Do you think Drake deliberately makes music that you can laugh out loud to?

LK: Did I just hear a Matrix reference. That’s mad.

SS: FutttuuurrreeeeeeeeeeEEEEE.

14. ‘Childs Play’

LK: “Like woah”. Black Rob reference?

SS: LOL “CHEESECAKE”. What is happening.

LK: “Go to CVS for Kotex in my Bugatti” fucking hell Drake just out-Draked Drake.

SS: Standard mum reference. “Take you to the mall and get you a new outfit,” sounds pretty good, tbh.

15. ‘Pop Style’

SS: No Kanye/Jay verse because like the rest of the world, Drake hates Jay Z now.

LK: 🍋🍋🍋

16. ‘Too Good’

SS: This really plays into my Drake/Rihanna fanfic, love it. “I’m way too good to you, you take my love for granted.” C’mon Aubrey.

LK: They really are the will they or won’t they couple from a well-loved sitcom. Huge tune btw.

SS: This sits nicely between ‘Take Care’, ‘Work’ and ‘What’s My Name’. This has been the first song that I’m like: INSTANT CLASSIC.

17. ‘Summers Over Interlude’

SS: Fuck interludes. This is a song.

LK: This sounds NSFW!

SS: I love this. Drake is just straight up not in this song.

LK: Why is this not at least four minutes long.

SS: I want 20 tracks of just that song.

19. ‘Fire & Desire’

LK: Chipmunk samples are back baby.

SS: I feel like he must have stolen this title from Boys II Men. Someone check on them.

LK: Anything is gonna feel like a letdown after the last track.

SS: Yeah, that did him zero favours. Still good though. “You’re a real ass woman and i like it.” Is this about Nicki?

LK: Everything is about Nicki.

19. ‘Views’


[PSA: We had to stop the song when Drake said “my wifey is a spicey, just like David Beckham” because we could not believe that that just happened.]

SS: Argh, he is much cornier on this album.

LK: This feels like ‘Tuscan Leather’. But works better as a closer.

SS: Agreed, ‘Tuscan Leather’ was a terrible opener. This time he was like, “I think I want to open with literal wind.”

LK: Truman Show reference. Is Jim Carrey to Drake what Will Ferrell is to Kanye? Actually there’s a separate thinkpiece in that. Stay tuned.

SS: He’s such a millennial.

Final thoughts

LK: Look I’m 100 percent that this isn’t a flop. That leaves me with only one other option.

SS: Yeah, I mean it is not a flop. I never had any “WOAH, WTF ARE THESE SOUNDS!” moments like I have with Lemonade and ANTI, but there were some cool moments. I know I will listen to this album a lot in my headphones while I’m drunk on public transport.

LK: I guess what we’re both trying to say is: Views is classic. Case closed.

SS: Fair cop.

Views is out now through Universal.

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