Mysterious Massachusetts surf-pop/garage-rock hoodlums Dom have a simple but effective approach to music; make it more fun then sex, more optimistic then DJ Lance Rock and more addictive then Pringles.

FL’s review of the band’s debut Sun Bronzed Greek Gods declared that it’s “a delightful collection of euphoric pop songs tinged with surf, krautrock, dance and indie inflections and packaged with a breezy, carefree lo-fi aesthetic” and with the band in town for the Vivid LIVE festival FL caught up with the band to talk about the record, becoming divas and playing shows in Fargo for 20 punters.

You guys have escalated to popularity pretty quickly, did you think a year ago that you’d already be touring internationally?

[laughs] No, definitely not.

What do you put the quick rise down too?

I dunno, I just started writing songs and people started liking them so, I guess a bit of luck. A little bit of hard work. I did put some hard work into writing those songs. Although they came about pretty quickly, I did think about them for a bit.

Are you guys letting it go to your head at all? Developing any rock star complexes?

Yeah, some of the band is. I guess I am a bit of a diva myself so… yeah, yeah the answer’s yes to that question, we are letting it go to our heads a bit.

Do you put in any obscure rider preferences in for shows?

Oh we definitely try, but I don’t think anybody’s willing to accommodate us yet, we’re not really able to back it up yet.

From interviews, you seem to live a bit of a manic lifestyle, does touring suit you then?

Yeah, I mean, things haven’t changed too dramatically other then I get to go to really cool places, and I get a little bit more respect then before, things are sort of the same

Any crazy touring stories?

Too many, I wont bore you with any of them

Onto your music, there’s a pretty stark difference between tracks like Living in America or Burn Bridges, to your other stuff – what kind of direction do you think you’ll take with future music?

On the new EP, it’s a bit different because it’s a lot cleaner, a lot less stuff going on, it’s more controlled. But I think I like it better when I layer a lot more stuff and have more creative freedom to record it myself. So, I think in the future I may take things a little bit more seriously then I have. I think I might write songs that instead of focus on the fun effect are a little bit more meaningful.

When can we expect a new release?

I don’t know, maybe August of 2014 at this rate.

Any ideas for names?

Yeah, it’s called Family of Love.

I find your music really energizing and happy, when from what I’ve read you’ve had a pretty tough upbringing. Why doesn’t your music reflect this?

I’m not sure really, it sort of just comes out that way.

Do you think future music might be a bit more morbid?

Yes. Not on the newer one so much, but in the future yeah.

Does the group have any strong influences?

Mostly stuff from the Nineties. Alternative nineties is one of my favourite things that ever happened. I like a lot of the Cranberries, or more mainstream pop stuff, even R&B from late 90s to early 2000s

How is everyone in the band gelling together, what’s the group dynamics like?

Well, it’s really weird trying to adapt my songs to a band kind of thing. I think now it’s turning into its own thing. When I write the songs and record them, they sound one way, but then they turn into a different animal when they’re live and they’re a bit more energetic, more like a rock band kinda thing

What are you guys going for in a live show?

I think the live show is less about it sounding perfect and more about playing and getting people pumped up. We’ve gotten banned from a couple of places in our hometown, which kinda shows the level of intensity I guess, I’d rather not get banned from places. We try and put everything we have into it, make it energetic, make it enjoyable cause people pay the money to come to the show and that’s where we get the bulk of our money, so we try and make it as fun as possible.

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