Doing Splendour in your 20s vs your 30s

A lot of things change between your 20s and 30s. Your skin gets a little saggier, your hang overs become a little worse and going to festivals like Splendour in the Grass is a whole different ball game.

Getting tickets

In your 20s: You sit on the internet hitting refresh over and over again while your friends text you to gloat about how they got through and already have their tickets.

In your 30s: You get someone in their 20s to buy tickets for you while you’re at work.

When you find out who is on the lineup

In your 20s: “Cool, I get to see At the Drive-In.”

In your 30s: “Cool, I get to see At the Drive-In again.”

Getting to the festival

In your 20s: “Fuck yeah, let’s go on a road trip!”

In your 30s: “Fucking hell, we’re going to have to go on a road trip.”


In your 20s: You bring your own tent and then wind up sleeping in somebody else’s anyway, when you bother to sleep at all.

In your 30s: You have booked a room in town with your partner six months in advance and are tempted to just stay there and have a relaxing holiday in Byron Bay instead of travelling to the actual festival site each day.

Deciding what to eat

In your 20s: “I’ll buy something from a food truck later. Or maybe get one of those crazy big organic doughnuts, that’ll last me a whole day at least.”

In your 30s: You and your friends have brought elaborate packed lunches for each day. One dude has sandwiches with pickles on them just like your dad used to eat and one lady has bento boxes of Japanese food styled into the faces of cartoon characters that her partner will wolf down without looking at them. Also, fruit, nuts, and a selection of cheeses.

Finding a good spot to watch your favourite band from

In your 20s: You race to the front of the stage in advance, elbowing your way in if need be, and stay there for the entire set.

In your 30s: You are sitting up the hill on a picnic blanket, sipping your drink and asking your friends who packed the brie.

Wearing the right clothes

20s vs 30s

Attitude to cleanliness

In your 20s: There is nothing better than mud, mud, glorious mud. If it doesn’t rain you may as well get covered in dirt and just pretend it’s mud.

In your 30s: You shower every day and brought a box full of wet wipes, which you have been stockpiling in preparation.

The Splendour Forum

In your 20s: “What’s the Forum?”

In your 30s: “There’s going to be a discussion panel with Marieke Hardy on it!”

Making new friends

In your 20s: ” When I finish this beer bong everyone within five metres of me is my new best friend.”

In your 30s: “Get away from me, I already have all the friends I’ll ever need and you’re covered in mud. Here, have a wet wipe.”

Waiting in line to buy drinks

In your 20s: “Hurry up, what precious time I have left on this earth is slipping away from me.”

In your 30s: “Hurry up, what precious time I have left on this earth is slipping away from me. I wish they had a better selection of craft beers.”

When you read a list comparing your 20s to your 30s

In your 20s: “Pfff, they totally stole this from Buzzfeed.”

In your 30s: “Pfff, they totally stole this from The New Yorker.”