Die Roten Punkte @ Beck’s Music Box (16/02/10)

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Josh Earl was a charming opener to a night of music based comedy at Beck’s Music Box on Tuesday. The audience didn’t hold his being Tasmanian against him, and his set of indie rock and nostalgic humour generally went down well. Song topics ranged from telephone calls with his mother to the day he discovered he wasn’t punk rock, Earl proved to be a down to earth delight.

Then it was time for Die Roten Punkte , who were nothing short of amazing. Direct from Berlin, Die Roten Punkte consists of siblings Otto (guitar) and Astrid Rot (drums), and they know how to rock. They also know how to argue and piss each other off, but it makes for some damn fine entertainment whatever the situation may be.

An early highlight was an audience quiz from Otto, eventually telling all to sit down bar one particular girl…Alex, who he proceeded to serenade with the sweet Straight Edge Girl. An unimpressed Astrid was not to be outdone however, and dedicated a somewhat raunchy Oh My God Yeah! to a gentleman in the front row. Soon afterwards followed a highlight of the evening, Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I Am a Lion) featuring keytar, robot dancing, and a light show worthy of Daft Punk.

After an earlier discussion about Astrid’s recent stay in rehab (ahem, “going away for a little while…”), a defining moment of the evening was Astrid’s Drinking Song. Before the song was performed however, Otto handed out a selection of cue cards featuring Astrid’s “acceptable drinks” (Apelsaft, Kaffee, Tee and so forth) to which the crowd were encouraged to yell out at particular moments. After leading the crowd through a particularly rousing rendition of the anthem, the duo hit a moment of pure tension.

Discovering that Astrid’s energy drink was actually alcoholic, Otto hit the roof. Calling an immediate end to the performance, yelling at his sister and packing up his gear, the show was very nearly over. That was until Astrid sweet-talked her beloved brother, and after a disturbingly intimate moment, Die Roten Punkte were ready to rock again. Closing with the brilliant Rock Bang, and rapidly returning for an encore of Super Musikant, Die Roten Punkte ended the night on a rollicking high, German style of course.

Even if they’re perhaps not who they say they are, Die Roten Punkte are seriously funny. Not to see them when they return would be a crime against rock and roll, and not more much needs to be said.

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